This morning was a beautiful reminder that Autumn is almost here – 3 days!!! The air was cool and clear and breezy… and a little chilly. I read my Bible and journaled on the porch swing, listening to the birds sing. I love it when birds sing 🙂


David had a promotion day at the store in town, with his baked goods. Somewhere around noon (shortly after I returned home from running an errand with my sister) he called and asked me to scribble a few words on his chalkboard…_MG_1492


There are these lovely little purple things growing in our front garden – and not another flower in sight on all 5 acres! So you can be sure that we are enjoying this happy little plant while it lasts. 🙂


A friend sent some homemade soap samples my way.


Lavender infused oil…


One younger brother fractured the growth plate on his wrist this week… the doctor was kind enough to give him a temporary “cast” that slips on and off for various “treatments”. I’ll share more about that later!

Oh yes! And guess what we put together today?!!



The ladder and guard rails are not yet finished… but the guys are sleeping in their new beds tonight!!!

In case you missed the updates from other posts, here’s a start-to-finish of the project.

Wow – it’s amazing how much you appreciate things all the more, when you put a certain amount of effort into it. The things we take for granted…!

Tonight I’m grateful. Grateful because this morning I sat on our front porch and looked around me – and thought about all that the Lord has blessed us with! I thought about how very short and precious this life is, and how easily I take for granted the goodness of God.

Every moment in life is so precious – a gift from the Lord.

I’m so looking forward to a restful Sunday tomorrow! And then on Tuesday… I have news! 😉


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