I Can’t Sleep…

The past 14 days have been pretty incredible. Amazing to say to the least! But the truth is, I had precious few nights of good restful sleep the first week.

Today I thought I’d share a few thoughts about sleep. It’s amazing how what you do just before bed can affect how well you sleep, and how long it takes you to get to sleep and stay asleep … 🙂

So here are some things that I’ve observed in my own life, that make so much sense!

1. Prepare Your Thoughts

I’ve been working frantically to get my ‘project’ completed for tomorrow… and mainly because from start to finish I only had 14 days to get it done! But afternoon slips into evening… and after dinner there are precious good hours left in the day to work on whatever wasn’t accomplished earlier. And it’s no hard task for me to set aside whatever I’m working on (studies, business projects, cleaning, etc…) at 10:30 or 11:00.

And some nights I lay there for hours, trying to sleep – with new ideas swirling through my head and things that I need to remember for tomorrow, and ‘lightbulb’ moments, and the like…

And it makes perfect sense that whatever we have on our minds before bed, will follow us to bed! So what is it that I want to think about while I’m falling asleep?

This is why I find it helpful to read my Bible before bed, and choose some verses to think about while I’m falling asleep. It also works to read a chapter from whatever book I’m working through. Something to help me transition my mind from all the work projects of the day, in order to relax so that I can fall asleep more quickly.

2. Keep a Clear Offense Record

The same is true with relationships. Arguments, hurtful words, strife, division, conflict… if we go to bed without resolving the relationships issues from our day, it is difficult to relax and feel restful and peaceful.  Working out these things as they occur (and making sure we have taken the initiative to resolve any difficulties before the end of the day!) helps restore joy and harmony to everyone… and removes the urge to feel stressed and anxious.

3. Laugh

I have this bad habit of laughing at the most random moments for no reason at all – like when I’m standing at the kitchen sink getting a glass of water… and I just happen to look over and notice that 4 of my family members are sitting in the family room watching me. “What on earth is so funny Sarah!? Why are you giggling like that?” “Oh nothing… Aaaaahhhhahahahahahah…”

Last night my sisters and I were preparing for bed after our Bible study guests had left. It was somewhere around 8:15. I remember clearly, because I told one sister that it was fine to turn out the lights. And then something happened…

I’m not sure if it was just that one sister was overly tired … or if it was really something about the picture my other sister had drawn in her art book (she has amazing talent by the way!)… but someone started laughing uncontrollably – and of course I had to join in. Laughter is completely and totally contagious here!

Now there were 3 of us laughing. We were flipping through this art book at pictures from years gone by… things that really weren’t *that* funny had us on the floor laughing until our sides ached and tears rolled down our faces. Various family members were tapping on the door and sticking their confused faces in for a glimpse of this very strange scene.

“Is everything okay in here?”

“Aaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha. Yes… nothing’s funny… it’s just that… Aaaaaaaahahahahahahahahah…” And by the time we were *actually* tucked into bed it was 9:15. 😉

And later on we talked about how fun it was! It’s been a really long time since we had a laughing party in the girls’ room, for no reason at all. It’s so much fun! It reminded me of a particular visit with some very dear friends last year… when the very same thing happened with 2 other ‘sisters’. 😉

And just for the record… I slept *really* well last night! I’ve slept well quite a few nights this past week. It really makes all the difference in the world when you make a few simple choices. 🙂


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