How often in life do I take for granted the tiny things that mean so much? The dozens of emails I received yesterday from friends (some of you!) with encouraging comments on my new shop; the request of a little brother to read him some stories before bed; the lovely smell of mint, lavender, and lemon balm that fills my herb garden, where I go to pray; knowing that someone is thinking of me when I’m going through a difficult time or facing a big decision… even the weather!

_MG_1620Today is a beautiful day… it’s raining!!! Oh I absolutely LOVE rain! Sometimes it feels gray and dreary from the window, especially after missing the cheerful sunshine for several days in a row. But yesterday I went outside for a walk in the rain (at the request of my amazing little brother who shares my love for all things adventurous 😉 ). And oh joy… the feeling of walking through the rain makes me feel SO HAPPY!!! It’s something that I can so easily miss out on if I don’t take the time to experience it… 🙂

Have you ever gone for a walk in the rain, and just listened? Just watched in wonder? How incredible is it that millions of tiny drops of water can fall from the sky so way far up there… and when they finally reach the ground (and you!) they are still so gentle and soft and quiet?! It is so peaceful and calm…

Today it rained harder. But I went for another walk. I must have looked ridiculous walking down Big Buck Trail with a floor-length skirt on, soaking wet. It was gloriously wonderful… and when a dear elderly lady stopped and asked if I needed a ride, I put on my sweetest smile and tried to explain that I was out enjoying the gorgeous weather. “Oh thank you so much! I actually live right here though… ” (heading in the opposite direction of my house). {hmmm… awkward… !} 😉

_MG_1629Rain is such a wonderful gift from God! It’s literally a shower of blessing, that makes some days extra special (even if there are those not-so-special moments when I long for the sun to peek out). It’s so calming and relaxing to me. I love a good walk through the rain!

But so many times I miss out. I miss out on the beautiful gifts all around me because I’m too busy doing my own things.

When we overlook the blessings in this world, we miss out on precious opportunities to express thanks and gratitude. And when we don’t have those reason to give thanks, we tend to focus on the other things that we don’t have – what we are lacking and wanting. And how easy it is to get stressed… to be anxious, fearful, uncertain, irritated, discouraged. And this becomes a downward cycle that affects our mood, our relationships, our outlook on life – and our health.

That’s why it is so important to give thanks – to write down things that we are grateful for today and everyday! To find something to say “thank you” for when we’re going through a rough time. Because the little blessings in life are gifts – they are there to encourage us and draw us closer to God and each other. They are gratitude inspirations – and they will change our lives if we let them.

Today is a really special day. You can’t have it back tomorrow. So make it worth all that it is meant to be. Choose carefully… and enjoy the rain 🙂


2 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Amen to that, Sarah! Loved this post. I am a big fan of rain, too. =) So often people complain about it…how dreary it is or what a nuisance it is, messing up their plans for the day. But it is a gift from God! It waters the earth He created (which actually saves us a little bit of work…lol). Now I don’t have to water the plants. =) May you have a *blessed* day today enjoying this gift from God!

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