Life… and a Fractured Growth Plate

Wow… what a day it has been!!

One brother is tucked away for the week, after having surgery this morning to remove his wisdom teeth. Poor guy…  😦

This particular brother has a bakery and makes some *incredible* things… his most recent projects have involved more cupcakes than I can keep track of. Not sure what it is with cupcakes, but he’s got weddings, baby showers, and other fun events that  call for lots and lots of cupcakes! 🙂


One sister is away for a week, traveling up North. Her first flight was 45 minutes late, and she only had a 30 minute layover to catch her next plane, which if you add that up in your head equals waiting in the airport for another flight. :-/ … but after running 40 gates with luggage in hand she found that her second plane was 10 minutes late and the doors were just closing. They agreed to let her on board. 🙂

This particular sister has an incredible ministry going on… and check out her blog (there are a lot of incredible testimonies up this week. I actually just wrote one last week, and my little sister’s is coming soon 🙂 !!!)

Our kitchen sink is having problems! We’re waiting for new parts to show up, and meanwhile the other sister and I are carrying loads of dirty dishes out to the garage sink to scrub them clean… 🙂 and that’s when we started singing “Count Your Many Blessings” at the top of our lungs. Just for the record, sound carries wonderfully in the garage. 😉


Now, some wonderful things have happened today! And all of the above would have to be included – for God’s safety, protection, providence, perfect timing… and so much more! We are blessed. And sometimes we just don’t stop and think about how very blessed we are!

One small brother (who is actually not-so-small anymore and often teases me about my shrinking height 😉 ) has a fractured growth plate in his wrist. I mentioned that a few posts ago, and promised to share a few thoughts on what we’re doing to pass these next 3 weeks until his next doctor’s appointment.

In case you aren’t familiar with the growth plate, that’s a piece of the wrist that affects the growth (obviously), and while it is common for kids to fracture or break this, it’s *so* important that it does not slip out of place (which requires surgery), and that it grows back the right way (or growth will be stunted and surgery required to try and motivate the proper growth again). So as you can imagine we have been taking such incredible precautions not to touch the poor guy’s arm… which is really quite a challenge for his playful brothers 🙂

The doctor gave him a temporary ‘cast’ which can be loosened to slip off, so that during the day he can apply some salve or oil or whatever. We’ve been faithfully applying Healing Salve and Deep Healing Oil to his arm, and then wrapping it in a paper-towel and putting the cast back on.

Today my Comfrey leaves finally arrived in the mail! Apparently I ran out of them at the wrong time. :-0

And so I made up a huge batch of tea with some of my favorite herbs, and read a story to him while he soaked his arm for 30 minutes.


I am so in love with tea. I mean, I really don’t love drinking tea that much. It’s not a huge thing for me anyway. But last year when I broke my toe just before a family backpacking trip, I was desperate to heal quickly. And among many herbal remedies that I faithfully applied each day, I’m confident that the herbal tea was one of the most effective remedies – I soaked my foot daily for several days, and found incredible results.


So now I use the tea method quite a bit. There is one downside… I’ve never enjoyed soaking any part of me in a large quantity of water for any large length of time (with the exception of swimming and water activities 😉 ). I really dislike feeling like a prune. Ugghhh.. it’s an awful soggy feeling! And I think Josiah agrees… 😉 BUT it is so worth it to be able to live life with hands and feet that work again! 🙂

In case you’re wondering, making tea for the arm or the foot or whatever… is really just like making a cup of tea to drink (with the exception that I like to make this tea stronger).

Measure the herbs into a 4-cup glass measuring cup and pour boiling water to the top. Let it set with a glass plate over top, for about 15-20 minutes. Then strain out the herbs and pour the tea into a pan or bowl (depending on what you’re trying to soak). Add cool water to get the remaining amount that you need, and get the temperature right (warm).

Get the tea blend HERE.


One thought on “Life… and a Fractured Growth Plate

  1. Tell your brother who is ‘tucked away’ that I’ve “been there, done that” just over a year ago… just eat lots of mashed potatoes, apple sauce, pudding, and ice cream. =) And I stayed away from the crunchy foods for a good two weeks…I was afraid of messing up the healing process. Anyways, tell him I pray he has a quick and pain-free recovery!

    And great job on the new website! Love it!


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