Plantain Leaf | Bee Stings and Bug Bites

I guess I take for granted the 150,000 bees living in our orchard. They’ve been there since I was 10 years old (and wanting desperately to be an entrepreneur, starting with fresh raw local honey). And while it’s been a long time since I’ve been stung, I don’t think I’ll ever forget the after-effects of a few particular bee stings – especially those that occurred on the face.


<my brother David checking some of the hives on a Spring day, earlier this year>

Today I was enjoying our beautiful Fall weather. A few moments outside in the late afternoon… and naturally I thought nothing of the bee that flew up  and started buzzing around my face. I walked away, and it flew away.

But as I was walking away, I suddenly felt excruciating pain on the side of my foot – beyond all pain that I have felt in a long time! I thought to myself “no way could an ant bite hurt that bad… what on earth did I do!!??” And then I looked down and saw several bees crawling nearby on the mulch {in our orchard}. “Really!! One of our pets {as one brother teasingly says *all* the time}??!!!”


I’ve been told that no one actually becomes immune to bee stings. You don’t work your way up to “responding better”, after a certain number of stings. Instead, it supposedly gets worse and worse with each sting… and over time your body can become so allergic that it triggers a severe reaction at some point (I guess it really depends on who you are… I’ve always felt that I reacted similarly with each sting).

It only took a single second. One little itty bitty second for that bee to sting me.  But the pain is so incredibly powerful! And I could feel it in my whole foot. It hurt sooooooooo bad!! I ran back to the house and upstairs… then realized that the salve I wanted was actually downstairs… so back down to find it.

I remember the first story that I ever read about plantain – this one. It had such a lasting effect on me, one that I never forgot. It’s stories like this that are so visual and easy to remember, that I love. They make it easy to remember what works for what – and why.

So when I created Bug Bite Salve, I used Plantain as a base herb – for the quick pain relief and reduction/elimination/prevention of swelling and inflammation.


The Bug Bite Salve worked wonders for the pain, immediately. But I could see that my foot was already swelling, and purplish in color. I had to remove the stinger which was actually still stuck in there… loveliness.  :-/

On second though, why not also soak my foot in some plantain tea? I didn’t boil water for this tea. I grabbed a bag of plantain leaves and put a handful in a bowl of cold water, along with 5 drops of peppermint essential oil (for pain).

This worked so nicely! The cold water was soothing, cooling, and numbing. The plantain leaves were in the bowl floating around, releasing their properties. Between the peppermint and plantain, and the salve that was already on the area I could feel things actually happening. I only soaked my foot for about 10 minutes and then applied some more Bug Bite Salve afterward.

See how much I love tea?! It works for quite a few things 🙂

The swelling has gone down almost completely in the past 20 minutes (with only a small bump remaining and a little bit of redness). And there is absolutely no pain – everything feels completely normal! 🙂

It’s almost fun getting into trouble {does that sound really bad?!}… just for the sake of writing posts like this one. I mean seriously… at the cost of 20 minutes and a few minutes of incredible pain, I have new ideas to share with those who are likely going to face a similar situation – sooner or later. 😉 Well… why not make the most of such accidents anyway! 🙂

So there you have it… a few (of many) ideas for all natural bug bite and bee sting relief. You can get some Bug Bite Salve here – on end of the Summer sale!

My friend Sarah is enjoying hers! 🙂

“We were getting ready to have guests over for a 4th of July grill out. I was sent outside to sweep off the front porch before our guests had arrived, and as I was working a wasp came along and stung my hand! I quickly was thinking about what I should do and thought of Sarah’s Bug Bite Salve! I gently rubbed the salve in and within a few minutes my hand was feeling back to normal, no more swelling or redness! This salve is not only good for insect bites but stings as well! My brother and sister often welt up from bug bites and this salve has no problem of healing in a matter of minutes!” – Sarah B, from Ohio


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