Stay Well, Get Well | Immune-Boosting Remedies

Here’s a question from a sweet lady who contacted me through FB yesterday…

“I was referred by my awesome mom in law and was wondering what you have available for boosting immunity? With everything going around, that is a huge concern for our family and especially for my children. Thank you! :)”

The truth is, that getting sick is no fun. But getting sick with a family of 9 is *really* not fun… and naturally we have the same concerns – especially with the coming of Fall, which seems to be “sick season”.


So here are a few thoughts, along with the introduction of a “new” item to the shop!!

(1) Immune Boosting Tea – our family’s favorite immune-boosting go-to at all times of the year!! It tastes wonderful, especially with some raw honey from our bee hives… and there’s not a single person in the family who won’t drink it in a heartbeat – whether hoping to stay well or get well…

I just made up a fresh batch of this yesterday after a customer purchased the last of it… and redid the packaging to make them more fun for gift-giving!! 🙂

Check out this new listing in the shop – and why everyone should be taking these essential herbs this Fall!


(2) Organic Allergy Oil is really great for rubbing on the bottom of both feet daily – it contains lemon, peppermint, and lavender – three excellent essential oils for preventing sickness and boosting the immune system. Essential oils are absorbed into the skin within seconds, and enter the bloodstream very quickly … so I always appreciate them for preventing or dealing with sickness – along with a wide variety of other things!

You can get that here


(3) Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey – I like to add 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 teaspoons raw honey to a glass of water. This can be done daily – twice daily if someone is sick and trying to recover. Note that this particular remedy really helps with digestive issues as well (such as constipation… so be careful not to overdo it – you may decide that once a day is ideal).

Why Apple Cider Vinegar? 

Apple Cider Vinegar is rich in natural minerals, vitamins and enzymes that help the body effectively bind and eliminate toxins (cleansing and detoxifying), and support a healthy immune system. It helps stimulate circulation and purify the blood. It breaks up mucous throughout the body and cleanses the lymph nodes (which work to remove toxins from the body’s cells, while improving the immune system response).

(4) Honey has wonderful antioxidant and antibacterial properties, which make it great for the immune system! It works wonders in reenergizing the body and boosting energy. Due to its anti-microbial properties, honey not only kills off certain bacteria that cause a sore throat, but it also works as an effective and soothing remedy for the pain of a sore throat (speaking from experience here both on the pain and the quick healing!) Take a spoonful once or twice daily. 🙂

(5) Lemon Juice  – lemons are pretty amazing… they fight off bacteria, viruses, and infection, cleanse the liver, aid in digestion, refresh and energize, and eliminate excess mucous. They are excellent in treating fevers, chills, and cold/flu related symptoms.They stimulate brain activity to help with fatigue, and provide a soothing effect to help with insomnia. They are wonderful for treating respiratory and throat infections – think cleansing, soothing, immune-boosting and energizing!

Add some lemon juice to a cup of water, or put some on a spoon with a little honey, several times daily.

(6) Garlic – raw garlic is SO amazing for boosting the immune system. It stimulates the activity of immune system cells to fight off and destroy viruses, bacteria, and infections. It is also inflammatory, soothing and calming respiratory issues.

If you crush a clove, or cut it into small pieces and swallow with water, this will be much more effective than swallowing a whole clove (as the different powerful properties are released when a clove is crushed or cut). I personally like to cut mine small as it’s much harder to take when fully crushed. 🙂

These are all things that help boost a healthy immune system (to avoid getting sick), but they also work wonders to help quickly cure a cold or sickness! So keep these things on hand and use them generously all sick-season long… 🙂

P.S. There’s a Fall sale going on through mid October… and you can also receive $5.00 worth of free products by creating an account in the shop (worth 500 welcome points)! Check it out!


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