Life Chain

This afternoon I (along with 3 others from my family) had the privilege of joining families and individuals (including dear friends from church) on the main road outside our neighborhood, leading into town.

We spaced ourselves down a long stretch of road (as far as the eye could see (from where I was standing), and held our signs high – proclaiming messages of truth and righteousness. “Jesus Offers Healing & Forgiveness”, “Pray for the End of Abortion”, “Abortion Kills Children”, and many other messages were shared by those who came to stand for truth.

This happens once a year, but we’ve never been able to participate until this year. What a blessing to see many drive by who were waving, honking horns, and smiling. But oh how sobering to stop and look around, and to realize that many in this world are hardened and blinded by sin.

We prayed. We prayed for our nation, for our families, for the women who are facing the decision today – life, or death for their precious little one.

You and I – we are alive. Our parents chose life. But not everyone does. Today thousands of babies will die, because their parents view them as an accident… or because they aren’t practical or convenient at this time in life… or because they might make life complicated… or they just don’t value life.

That’s one baby – one precious life – being thrown away every few seconds.

I was honored to stand today with family and friends. Honored to pray for the ones who need a fresh perspective, and repentant hearts. Honored to stand for what I know is right.

We don’t need to shake our fists and yell and scream to share a message like this with the world. They asked us to stand quietly and smile and wave at those who were receptive – and to quietly pray in our hearts during that hour.

Today I thought about how very much our world needs healing – not just better doctors and better drugs and better natural remedies. Not more hospitals or vaccines, or cures. These are all wonderful things, but it seems we have our priorities very messed up.

What we need most is a healing that comes through brokennessWe need heart healing. We need a fresh perspective that comes only by taking our eyes off of self – and fixing them on Christ.

Today I’m grateful for life.


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