For the Love of Farming…

Have I mentioned that I love farms? Everything about a farm is just happiness to me – at least most of the farms I’ve spent time on.   I will admit that I’ve never quite loved certain kinds of animals… and butchering has not been a favorite experience overall ;-). But for the love of all things growing and producing on a farm – fresh, raw, organic, pure, whole … I think you get the idea! I’m very much an advocate of farming-the-better-way, and I’m very much a farm girl at heart! 🙂


I had the privilege of attending a farm conference with family and friends earlier this year, and I wrote about some of the things I learned. The farm conference was an amazing experience, and one that I really enjoyed.


the conference with their son Michael (right) and our friend Andrew, (far end) who traveled up with us. Picture by Donald Staddon>

And then there was this lovely visit we had last year, on our friends’ farm in NY. The Kilpatricks allowed us to jump right in and work the farm along-side them though we knew next to nothing about what happens on a real live working farm. This was fun stuff!


<my sister Bethany with one of the sweet ladies who worked at the Saturday Market – September 2013>

Check out this post that they put on their blog shortly after our visit. Wow… has it been a year already! Oh joy! look at all those pumpkins, squash, garlic, potatoes, etc. I remember every detail of cutting hundreds of garlic stems off, digging up sacks of potatoes on hands and knees, trimming tomato plants with Fred and Reeves in the greenhouse (the plants were way taller than me 😉 )… bumping along through fields in the truck, caked with mud and dirt… talking and working down seemingly-endless rows of carrots (weeding)… throwing squash and pumpkins across the field (we had an assembly line going) and rushing frantically to keep those things going into the crate on the front of Michael’s tractor, as fast as he would drive along through the field… washing vegetables in the shed… helping bag up 50 lbs of lettuce and then being part of the team to deliver it to a store… crawling through the pepper house and snipping buckets full to take to market… helping plant *huge* rows of tiny lettuce plants… and so much more! Oh my was that amazing!! 🙂 That was my first experience with a full working farm. I came away sore, strong, and so very happy for the whole experience! 🙂


<Hannah Kilpatrick milking the cow>

Why am I writing this??

Today I’m traveling North with my mom and brother… we’re going to spend a week with very dear friends on their farm! I’m so excited!!! I’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time (in fact, yesterday we made a fourth and final attempt to make this trip happen… and God opened up all the doors before us) – check out this fun post from our visit last year!


<on the farm just days after Christmas… and my birthday! Fun times! December 2012>

I love experiences like this – not only the privilege of spending time with sweet likeminded friends who encourage me and lift me up… but also the beautiful uniqueness of such learning experiences that do not happen everyday – the blessing of being able to take time away from my usual daily tasks, and develop new skills and knowledge!

So enjoy this lovely day… as I am so enjoying mine! I’ll share a few pictures later on. 🙂

P.S. I have something fun scheduled for when I return home. So check back for that!!


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