Fall Giveaway

Good morning! It is a *very* good morning. I’ve had a lovely week away, and then this morning we had a team of sweet guests depart after doing a conference here last night. Now it’s time to share that “something” which I promised in my last post… 🙂


You all have been so wonderful! I’ve been busily filling orders every day (yes, I had one sister filling orders while I was away on the farm, and then when I arrived home there was *much* to do!), and loving it so much! I’ve so enjoyed hearing from different ones, receiving sweet notes and questions and “so-and-so referred me” messages. It’s been great fun getting to meet some of you, learning about your different health issues and concerns, and making up different products for you.

So now I think it’s time for another giveaway! It occurred to me not-so-very-long-ago that my first and second giveaways were 4 months apart… and as it is has been another 4 months and many new exciting things are happening… it seems like the perfect time for another giveaway. These are so much fun y’all!

Oh my… Fall is complete happiness. Something about the combination of cool, clear, crisp air… colorful leaves falling from the trees… long-sleeves and warm sweaters… the smell of wood burning and smore’s roasting and family and friends laughing around a warm campfire (yes, we did that two weeks ago with our Sunday evening Bible study group!)… all things pumpkin, apple, maple, and spice… day trips to the mountains to enjoy the glorious fall foliage… lots and lots and lots of guests… the list could go on forever!

So here’s what I’m giving away… it’s one of my new favorite products for Fall:-) !


Here’s how you can win a free bar of soap!

If you’ve tried one or more of my products before, I need your help to make my shop better!

1. Head over to the shop, find the product(s) you’ve tried, and write me a review! Who doesn’t love to read the customer reviews before they buy a new product!? And since the shop is so new, it’s lacking the perspectives of people like you! 😉

Your name will be counted 1 time for *every* review you write – so feel free to write more than one review, if you’ve tried various products! But please only review the products you’ve tried… 🙂

And if you’ve never tried my products, you can still participate… here’s what you can do instead!

1. Visit the shop and take a look around! Then leave a comment on this post, telling me what you think – are there products you’d like to see in the shop in the future? Is it easy to navigate the shop? What do you like, or not like about the shop?

And… you can win additional points!

2. Subscribe to my special reports/email updates (using the form on the right sidebar of this blog, or using the form provided at the bottom of my store site).

3. Like my Facebook page!

4. Follow this blog, using the follow button on the right sidebar.

5. Create an account in the shop (and you will also automatically receive 500 sweet points, worth $5.00 toward a future purchase!)

Don’t forget to leave a comment, telling me what you did!

The giveaway ends Friday, October 24th 2014. Feel free to share with friends and family, post on FB or share through social media!

Happy Fall y’all!! I’m off to can Pumpkin Butter!!! 🙂

P.S. Give me a few days and I’ll share some highlights from the week (both with family and friends)… along with a picture or two. 😉


8 thoughts on “Fall Giveaway

  1. I checked out your website and it is really easy to navigate. I was easily able to find all the products you sell and am impressed with the variety! I would love to see more body butter scents added in the future 🙂


    • @ Glogirl thank you so much for the suggestion! It is so fun to hear other perspective and to know what people are wanting/looking for. I have a Lavender whipped body butter that’s not in the shop right now but will be soon! And many other scent ideas… thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  2. Hi Sarah! Unfortunately I am STILL pregnant and therefore unable to use the awesome products I won through one of your last giveaways, but I visited your shop and really like the layout. Super clean and uncluttered, easy to find what I’m looking for. I’ve subscribed, liked your page, created an account, and follow your blog. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!


    • Thank you Rachael! Yes, many people prefer not to use essential oils during pregnancy, as some are not recommended, or should be applied specific ways (diluted with a carrier oil). But there are a lot of really beneficial oils that *are* safe during pregnancy, and there are quite a few sources that may be helpful in determining which ones are best to avoid. If you prefer not to apply them at all (even diluted with a carrier oil), you may consider simply diffusing some in your home – which can be very helpful with allergies, headaches, etc. and is a safe way to use the oils during pregnancy. Thanks for participating in the giveaway, and I’m so excited for you with this little one on the way! 🙂


  3. Hey Sarah,
    I have written reviews on everything that I received. The Immune boosting tea, the allergy oil, and even the sample healing balm you sent me. I just started following your blog, and of course I found you via Facebook through an invite from my mother in law. The allergy oil has really been working great, and it works fast too! I’ve been putting it on the bottom of my kids feet just like you said and I use it for my occasional allergies as well. The healing balm I actually just started using because my youngest fell outside and scraped her knee pretty good, so I’ve been using it. She says that it makes her knee feel so much better. YAY!!! I look forward to ordering more soon. I’d love to be able to have most of the products on hand, instead of using the harmful otc stuff. I’ve been working to try and eliminate as much harmful chemicals from our food and home as possible. I wanted to ask you, if you know much about oil diffusers? What exactly is the purpose of them besides they smell good? And can any of your oils be used in a diffuser? Thanks!!! 🙂

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    • Robin B thank you so much for the wonderful reviews! So glad to hear that all is working well and effectively making a difference 🙂

      As for the oil diffusing, I don’t personally have a diffuser, but I’ve been in many homes that have one and they definitely make a difference! In fact, we are borrowing one from a friend right now just because we’ve never gotten one (as of yet)!! Yes, they are for health purposes and not just the smell! I wrote some things about essential oils here. Note this part particularly:

      “Essential oils are made up of different properties, most of which can cross the blood brain barrier. While there’s a ton of chemistry and scientific ‘stuff’ behind this that I absolutely LOVE… simply put, three little constituents (Terpenes, Monoterpenes and Sesquiterpenes) can work together to cleanse cell receptors, deprogram miswritten codes, and reprogram with the right codes! This is why the healing that comes through inhaling Essential Oils is often permanent. We are no longer talking about symptom relief here. We are re-writing codes in the brain… this is healing taking place! Check out this fascinating article for the full report! ”

      So for this reason diffusing essential oils in your home can work wonders with many many health issues – if you have a child who struggles with learning or someone with memory issues or trouble focusing, diffusing specific oils can make a huge difference. Diffusing oils can help in homes where there is mold or other things that may cause allergies in the air. It can help with headaches and colds and sickness… you name it!

      So YES, I recommend the diffuser! And yes, you can put my essential oil blends into a diffuser – usually it’s somewhere between 6 and 8 drops of essential oil that would go into the water in the diffuser. And you can take those drops from my oil blends, or use individual oils that you have.


  4. Hey Sarah – this looks fun! 🙂 I followed your blog, created an account, and looked at your website. Wow–it’s awesome! I love your design, and it’s very easy to navigate. Great work! My favorite products would probably be the soaps – specifically the Oatmeal Milk & Honey and the Pumpkin Maple Spice. About things to add….face soap for acne would be nice. Thanks for doing this giveaway…hope I win. 😛

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    • Hannah McIntosh, thanks so much for sharing! About the facial soap – I actually do have one that is designed specifically for acne and other skin conditions (dry, irritated, etc.). That would be the Skin Soother Bar. It is actually the most popular selling soap so far!! 🙂


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