Life as it is… October 18th

Wow… I can’t believe it’s been a week since I came home! For starters, I promised to share a few pictures from my time away at Honey Brook Farms. Goodness… I wrote a very detailed post this week (a line here and a line there, amidst computers freezing up and shutting down and one million projects…) for all who care about farm happiness as much as I do ;-). While I didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted, there are more than a few stuck in there for your enjoyment. {Is it just me, or are a handful of pictures *far* more exciting than a great big lengthy page of words… ?} 🙂


On the evening that the three of us returned home from the farm, our entire family had the pleasure of taking a very special outing together – thanks to some dear sweet friends!!


And the following day I went grocery shopping with my little sister and then rushed home to frantically get a few work projects done, and prepare the house for an evening conference – with somewhere around 50 people.


There have been orders… and thanks to that I ran out of ingredients and needed to do an inventory check so that I could place other orders… and happiness – my herbs arrived today so that both herbal tea blends are now back in stock!!

Thursday was boss’ day, and since my dad was away on business, Bethany (the younger sister) and I took him out on Friday! Just for the record, working for my dad is not just amazing… but an incredible gift (that I know I often take for granted).

I promise life has been so much fun over here! I’m enjoying every single blessed day.

Being at the farm was completely refreshing and beautiful. Sometimes it’s a blessing just to be able to step away from the usual day-to-day and experience something new (which is one reason that our family really enjoys an occasional day trip to the mountains to get some fresh air, hike the mountainous trails, picnic by a rushing river, and drive the Blue Ridge Parkway… or attend an encouraging conference… or whatever it may be!). Being on the farm was a like that – a time to ‘unplug’ from online research, blogging, newsletters, filling orders, making herbal remedies, teaching school, etc… it was really special to learn new skills, participate in other projects and work tasks, and be encouraged and challenged to grow – in many wonderful ways!


A few fun highlights from the week…

  • Attending a conference that I had heard about just before I left home, by Shoshanna Easling from the Bulk Herb Store (talk about an educational experience with some new insight on herbal medicine and natural healing)!


  • Meeting Benjamin (a friend of the Wilkes’) who has spent several years at Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm, and learning from his knowledge and skill (especially during chicken and duck processing 😉 )!
  • Feeding the pigs (the big fat pink pig was my favorite. We laughed about it all week, because I kept talking about how cute it looked from the farm window… ) lol! 😉
  • Singing with all of the Wilkes’, and listening to different ones perform special music in the evenings.
  • Making baked goods for market, including many gluten-free and healthier treats.


  • Attending one of the 4 markets with a team of Wilkes’, and hearing yet again how they ‘educate’ their customers with such passion… also seeing their vision and how they work together as a team with such joy and diligence!


  • Feeling like part of the family… jumping right in to help with anything and everything (even pushing myself to try a few things that were *so* outside my comfort zone – and laughing all the way through it until it became totally natural and oh-so-much-fun!!!).
  • Many many discussions, and much laughter around the table – stories, survival skills, testimonies, embarrassing moments (LOL!), what the Lord is teaching us, etc…
  • Picking vegetables, and making dinner with fresh produce!
  • Seeing all the animals, and helping with farm chores.
  • And *so so so* much more…!!!


What a joy to live on this farm for almost a week! But at the same time I feel oh-so-very-blessed to be back home again – missed my family and the work here! So grateful for *each and every* opportunity that God gives in life! He knows *exactly* what we need, and when!

It’s a beautiful Saturday. I’m excited about tomorrow… it’s going to be one of those rest and relax days with my family! Yes, we’re going on one of those day trips I mentioned, as we do every year right around this time. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the leaves, get some beautiful cool weather, wear matching outfits and take family pictures, picnic, hike, enjoy the mountains, and spend time with each other, etc… ❤

Enjoy your weekend! And as I have been convicted this past week (and again today), I’d like to challenge you to treasure this beautiful, precious moment – right here, right now. It is such a gift from God. One that you can never have back. So make it beautiful. Make it all that it is meant to be. And live it out loud – beautifully, boldly, and for His glory.


P.S. Come see me at the Craft Show next Saturday!!  And… check out these new products in the store!!


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