This is it!

Today’s the last day of the Fall giveaway!

Would you like a bar of Pumpkin Soap? If not, that’s okay 🙂 … but maybe you know someone that would – or that you need a gift for?

And guess what! Some of you can enter without doing *anything*. All you have to do is leave a comment saying what you’ve done.


I’m so excited! But the giveaway doesn’t end until tonight. So you can still participate if you haven’t…

Here’s how you can win a free bar of soap!

If you’ve tried one or more of my products before, I need your help to make my shop better! 

1. Head over to the shop, find the product(s) you’ve tried, and write me a review (If you’ve already left me a review(s) just say so)! Who doesn’t love to read the customer reviews before they buy a new product!? And since the shop is so new, it’s lacking the perspectives of people like you! 😉

Your name will be counted 1 time for *every* review you write – so feel free to write more than one review, if you’ve tried various products! But please only review the products you’ve tried… 🙂

And if you’ve never tried my products, you can still participate… here’s what you can do instead!

1. Visit the shop and take a look around! Then leave a comment on this post, telling me what you think – are there products you’d like to see in the shop in the future? Is it easy to navigate the shop? What do you like, or not like about the shop?

And… you can win additional points!

(If you’ve already done these things, just say so and you’re in!)

2. Subscribe to my special reports/email updates (using the form on the right sidebar of this blog, or using the form provided at the bottom of my store site).

3. Like my Facebook page!

4. Follow this blog, using the follow button on the right sidebar.

5. Create an account in the shop (and you will also automatically receive 500 sweet points, worth $5.00 toward a future purchase!)

6. Some of you received my last special report, and used the discount code (that day) on an order over $49.99 … you’ve already been counted in for 5 entry points! 🙂

Don’t forget to leave a comment, telling me what you did (or email me if you prefer)!

The giveaway ends tonight! 🙂

P.S. Come see us at the craft show tomorrow! I have *so many* NEW exciting products (many of them handmade by a sweet friend just down the street – whose products will hopefully be in the shop SOON) that I’m excited to share with you! The room here smells *so wonderful*! 🙂

P.P.S. It’s been a *busy* week! You may have noticed that some things are either out of stock, or in short supply! Ingredients are coming today and early next week, so check back later – also new products coming to the store early next week!

And… here’s a few pictures from my garden.


<Vick’s Plant … it is about double that size now, but I received one little stem cutting (in a glass of water to root) back in April!>


<My little Sage plant, started from seed>


<Lemon Balm … I have 3 nice big plants now – cuttings from a friend’s plant earlier this year>


<Mint… I have 6 kinds growing right now>

Loving my herb garden! And just for the record, you need a lot of space! In doing my research I discovered that almost *all* of the plants I had been given (or planted from seed, or purchased at the herb festival) spread. And spread they do! 😉


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