The Winner is…

I’m so excited! Today is a big day 🙂

In a very short while Jonathan and I are off to sell at the WBC Craft Show. The vendors set everything up last night, so we are all set and ready to go this morning! I love how relaxing it feels, without the added pressure of wondering exactly how much time we need to get everything in the car, to the location, and set up before customers arrive.

This is my first ever craft show – and I’m going to enjoy it no matter what the outcome! 🙂

When we came out around 7:00 to head back home, this beautiful sunset had taken over the sky. Wow! Where did that come from! Jonathan and I were both thinking the same thing – and we both verbally expressed it. We don’t see anything like this very often – and where we live there are lots of trees and much privacy so it’s hard to see the beautiful sky without driving out of the neighborhood.


Apparently everyone else noticed it too because suddenly *all* of the vendors appeared out of the church behind us and were snapping pictures with their iPhones. 😉

Wow! Isn’t God amazing!

And now I’m excited to announce the winner of the Fall giveaway!!

Rachael M

I’ll be sending the soap out on Monday. Congratulations Rachael – and thank you to everyone who participated! I so appreciate all the wonderful reviews that you shared – as well as a few helpful suggestions on how things could be better in the future. I am grateful!!

Next up… hopefully a few pictures and a report from today’s show. 🙂

Enjoy this glorious Saturday. And make it special!


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