WBC Craft Show

Earlier this week I felt like I was coming down with something… you know that little feeling of being “on the edge”, almost like you might possibly be getting a sore throat or little congestion? So… on Tuesday I made a pot of Immune Boosting Tea, and drank the whole thing. And I did it again yesterday. And guess what! Not only am I feeling absolutely amazing (perfect!), but I had the opportunity to sell a *lot* of tea at the show today, just because I had a story to tell. 🙂


So wow! What can I say about the craft show! It was slow going at first. The first hour was rather dead. Random ones drifting here and there, browsing some of the tables. It was a little discouraging (maybe for all of us!). I mean this is my 3rd attempt to sell at a public event (first craft show), and I’m finally indoors (no rain!) with lots of products (much variety thanks to my neighbor friend!)… so where are the people!?



But a kind lady (actually, the one heading up the event!) offered me a few words of wisdom. I had been thinking it before she even said it… “You should stand out front by your table and engage people as they walk by. Don’t just sit behind the table and smile at them. Ask them something. Tell them about your products.


Okay, so I know this right? Wow… I needed her to say that. I had been thinking about WHAT to say, and feeling rather awkward about this whole new experience. 😉


But I jumped up and took her advice! And things started happening! Not only did people come and look at my products (and buy them)… but I met some really amazing, incredible people! Just by simply asking a few questions, different ones began to  ask me what various products were for, how to apply them, etc. They offered up personal stories and  family health issues. “What do you recommend for this?” …


I had so much fun! It was so incredibly exciting to get to know some of the ones who came by, and to talk with them (in great depth and to great lengths!) about products and remedies and health issues. It was incredible! One lady is here visiting from Washington state! Wow! I was like “Welcome to North Carolina!” 🙂 She was having some allergies (uncommon for her), so she bought an allergy essential oil blend and put some on right there.

I love hearing people’s stories. I love hearing about their health issues. I love when I can relate, and I can say, “Here’s  what I’ve used / use, or… this is what my family uses for that! I can’t count the number of times a customer would start to tell me this or that, and immediately I’d know which product to recommend… or I’d remember a customer’s review about that very health issue. And I could tell them my story or a friend’s story. I love it when I can share something (even something very small) that can help someone else feel better – or find healing.

It. is. such. a. blessing!



I really loved the whole experience! This has been a long-time dream of mine to get into shows and markets. I love face-to-face interaction with people (and I’m really not that shy if I can figure out what to say 😉 ) and I especially enjoy sharing what I have learned (or what our family has experienced) with others, and providing products that can help make a difference and bring healing.


I am so looking forward to the Salisbury show next weekend! Check out the events page for more details, and come see me there!

P.S. Few things are as exciting as having 1 week to make *so many* more products… and coming home today to find a great big box of essential oils have arrived (at last)!! Yay… soooooooo excited!!

P.P.S. Do you know what that means? New products will be in the shop soon. I can’t wait to share them!


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