New Product | Wellness Essential Oil Blend

Hello! I just came back from a *beautiful* walk with my sister Bethany.

Seriously? Today?? Right now???

That’s what I thought when she asked me while I was rushing from this to that… designing and printing labels, counting inventory, making new products, preparing more oils to infuse over the next 3 days (so that I can make more salves and have infused herbal oils for the craft show this Saturday)…

I just got home from errands a few hours ago and there’s *much* to do. I’m sure you relate. Life is full of wonderful things to keep us busy! And I’m so glad that this (for me) includes teaching math to little brothers, making meals for my family, helping with laundry and cleaning and baking and hospitality and gardening… and so much more. It’s a crazy incredible adventure full of so-much-variety. And I absolutely love it! 🙂

So in the end I decided that a short walk would be a *really* good thing. And it was wonderful! Sister time, crunchy colorful leaves, Fall weather, getting out to move around and stretch … 🙂

Anyway, today’s post is going to be rather short… I’m introducing 2 new products to the shop! Hmmm… actually, one is new, and the other is one I’ve made before, and sold quite a few of through my Etsy shop, but never introduced to my online store!

How Do You Deal with Sickness?


Breathe Oilcheck out the product listing here, for more information and specifics.

Having struggled with asthma as a little girl (even up until I was 15 or 16!!) I really relate to good stuff like this. What could *possibly* be better (especially during Fall and Winter!) than an essential oil blend that helps with respiratory issues – coughing, congestion, spasms, inflammation, etc…? {Just saying… and speaking from experience!} 🙂


Wellness Oil – Someone asked me for a thieves oil blend. So here it is!

If you aren’t familiar with thieves oil, basically these 5 oils make an incredible immune-support and wellness remedy – stay well, get well! Just rub a little on your feet each night before bed (or rub some on your wrists, neck, and back of your spine along with a little coconut or olive oil).  This is a must-have for every family. My mom was the first to ask me to make this (for our family!)… and when a friend asked for it I knew that it was definitely time to add to the shop! So here we go… 🙂

Tonight I’m infusing herbal oils. I’m also making Soothing Vapor Rub!

Fun Fact: Soothing Vapor Rub, Immune Boosting Tea, and Tropical Hibiscus Wellness Tea were the 3 top-selling products at my last craft show. Hmmm… does anyone feel a little concerned about staying well? 😉

I’m *so* excited about *lots* of things coming in the mail this week. Many projects in the making. 🙂

Come see me at the craft show this weekend!!

P.S. I’ll be writing more on wellness soon… so maybe you ARE sick despite all your careful efforts to prevent it. How do you deal with sickness??


One thought on “New Product | Wellness Essential Oil Blend

  1. This is so exciting! It is great that craft shows are going well for you! I hope you can do some fair up in Virginia sometime! Blessings!


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