Pink ???

Today is pink day at Dr. Beasley’s office (the Vision Therapy doctor that my little brother goes to). By that, I mean that anyone who walks into the Vision Therapy office wearing something pink, will help make a difference. 🙂

Doctor Beasley gives everyone in pink (or in a halloween costume) a $5.00 bill to put into a big glass jar in the waiting area. At the end of the week she will match the amount in there – and all of the collected amount will go towards breast cancer research.

So… just for fun we all (with the exception of my dad who stayed home to work) wore something pink and went into the office. We even brought the staff a bunch of mini cupcakes with white frosting and pink ribbons. 🙂


We collected our $5.00 bills from the staff, and got our picture taken. Don’t we look ridiculous? 😉 ?!

And then the majority headed home, while a few of us stayed behind for Josiah’s appointment. Hannah and I enjoyed deliciousness from Starbucks and visited the Goodwill down the street. And from there the appointment ended and the four of us went to Black Lion (an incredible store by the way, with tons of tiny “rooms” where different vendors feature their products – but you shop and bring all your stuff to the front to pay for it… so the vendors don’t have to be there!)! I had this really cool thought… I could put *my products* there… and so I left with a vendor application 🙂 !

Okay, moving on.

Earlier this week I made Soothing Vapor Rub, Healing Salve, and Headache Essential Oil Blend. Tonight I’m starting on Deep Healing Oil. Tomorrow I’m making Breathe Balm, and Tropical Hibiscus Wellness Tea. And just before the weekend I’ll be making a whole bunch more essential oil blends and some Sore Muscle Salve. 🙂 Filling orders… living life… keeping busy… and loving it all!

So. Very. Blessed.

Come see me on Saturday!


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