It’s been a busy week… teaching, filling orders, working on office projects for my dad, preparing for a big exciting day with friends and family tomorrow…

I had the privilege of making and mailing a Pumpkin Butter Order to a movie actress, who is hosting an event with her celebrity and blogger friends – to spread the word about a new food blog she’s launching. In return she’ll mention and post links to my shop and products. How incredible is that! 🙂

What’s really fun is that we emailed a few times before bits and pieces came out… and  I looked her up and found movie titles that are big out there. Wow. And she found my little muffin shop while searching Etsy. 🙂


Also this week, a bright idea became a topic of discussion… and then happened. Tomorrow it is coming in the mail! Eeeek!

I. can’t. wait.

This measures up (maybe, possibly surpasses) to how excited I felt when I came out of the store with my new SLR camera in November of 2012. Oh yes! That’s right! I’m going on 2 years with my favorite camera y’all… one of the best decisions I ever made. I use it every other day at least! 🙂


And somehow, amidst today’s schedule of mailing packages at the post office, cleaning upstairs rooms, fixing meals, teaching math, writing projects, designing a printing project, and other day-to-day tasks and commitments… I looked outside the window.

It’s Fall.


Fall. In all of its glorious lovely beauty. I have waited for this moment for a very long time – when I could drive down the road and see color everywhere. Red and yellow and orange. It’s always so vibrant in the mountains but it feels like forever (if ever lol!) here.


And this week I noticed it while I was driving. It is so beautiful! So today I took a little time and went outside with camera in hand.



It’s so short. It comes and goes in the blinking of an eye. The cool weather, the beautiful color – soon it will be winter. Cold and gray with barren trees.

I am so happily enjoying this while it lasts. 🙂







Tomorrow is a long exciting day, with many friends coming over… hopefully a picture or two of that next week!

Enjoy this Fall loveliness!! 🙂


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