Excited Because…

I ordered something last week! You know… one of those “someday” things? My dad once told the 7 of us that if we ever wanted to get one of these, we needed to be able to make money using it. In other words… there’s absolutely no reason to have one ‘just because’. And he was so right – he still is. 🙂

So through a series of events, I bought one of these last week!! Eeeek… sooooooooo excited!

It took 4 days to get here. And it had 2 other parts that showed up the same day, and the following day.


That would be my new iPhone 5s.

I can’t decide if I like the phone or the pink camo case more… lol 😉 !!

Why am I getting an iPhone? A sweet friend already cautioned me against getting too absorbed into it (as is the norm… take a look around you the next time you’re in public).

Several reasons actually… I learned the painful way that taking credit card information at a show does not always mean that the transaction will successfully go through when I get home to take care of it (and sometimes you ‘lose’ a customer and have to quit bothering them eventually…).

Thanks to Shopify (my web host company) I have access to this amazing FREE mobile app that I’ll soon be using for all my credit card sales at upcoming shows. No more manual credit card entries. No more ‘shopping my store’ to place orders for customers who gave me credit card info at a show. For no extra charge at all (and with their free card reader!) I can take credit cards both manually on my phone and with the card reader. The shopify mobile app also keeps track of my store inventory and keeps everything up to date while I’m at a show selling off products that are counted in my shop.

And it costs nothing! I just have to pay for my shop of course (which is a pretty small monthly fee anyway). And my phone came with a small upgrade fee and monthly fee too, of course. 🙂

I’m thrilled about being able to check email while I’m away, and to know what’s happening on the business side as well.

I’m sure these details are rather boring to all of you iPhone fanatics. Doesn’t *everyone* have an iPhone already anyway? lol. It doesn’t matter. I’m enjoying mine and so grateful!!

It’s incredibly fun to use the thing. I had to test the microphone thingy this morning by sending my sister an email that I didn’t actually type. Haha!


<This is for you Mrs. S… a close-up  😉 … Thanks for tolerating my over-enthusiasm in your ear through the phone, when my iPhone finally arrived and I had to check it out *right then and there*  LOL you were the first to ‘see’ it!>



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