One Year Ago Today

Remember this post from October 1st? I promised to share my story – the full story of how I quit working for my brother’s bakery and moved on to pursue herbal medicine and grow The Country Muffin.


“I’ve decided to share the full story of how I left my brother’s bakery last year, to fully pursue so much more with my studies and The Country Muffin. The challenges I faced, the difficult decisions that had to be made, the timely circumstances that led me to where I am today… along with some fun highlights from the past 12 months that I’ve carefully recorded because I wanted to remember them later on.”



“I have the privilege of reading *everything* as it happened last year, in my journal… and of seeing everything from a fresh new perspective. I’m hoping to share some of that with you – one year ago from the day it happened.”


Yes… and I haven’t forgotten. It’s just that one year ago today I was still working for my brother’s bakery. And at this time I had little insight as to what would take place – January 1st of this year.

November 25th is when I’ve scheduled part 2 of the story… 🙂


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