34th Annual B and B Craft Show

Today started off early – even before 4:30 am when my phone was set to wake me up. A little excitement I guess… 😉

I followed a sweet neighbor friend and her 2 daughters to the event location in Lancaster. It was still dark when we got there, and we had to wait a few minutes in the van until the doors opened. It. was. freezing. Okay, it wasn’t a high of 8 degrees like in VT, where some friends were doing a show today… but it was freezing!


Setup went well. I think we were the *only* 2 vendors that hadn’t come the night before to set up. It was a 35 minute drive so we decided to wait until the morning of, in time to set up… and this worked out great!


<That would be my new shirt from Old Navy last week – it cost me $0.47 🙂 >

Sales were slow coming the first few hours. This is how it’s always been for all 3 of the shows I’ve attended now. Not sure what it is. I guess on Saturdays people just like to come out a little later. Why not, right?! 🙂

Wow… if I thought that 4 hour shows were long, this one was 9 hours. It. was. incredible! I had so much fun! I stood next to my tables for 9 hours. I never sat down – many people have wisely encouraged me to stand out in front and engage the people passing by in conversation – ask them questions, offer them information, share with them about specific products, etc. This worked out great. At the end of the day my feet were *so* tired, and sore {okay, my favorite favorite shoes from the thrift store in Chicago are going to *have* to go now. I can’t even walk in them anymore no matter how much I want them to last forever!} – but it was so worth the conversations I had with many people about health and my products. I did *very* well with sales and was happy to see so many products missing at the end of the day. 🙂


But let me tell you what I told one lady who was selling hand-knitted products next to me… “What I’m most passionate about is sharing what I’m learning with others, and encouraging them to make their homes a health center – to choose the better way and address the root problem – from the inside out… my products are just a bonus.” 🙂

We both laughed when I said it, but it’s true! The highlight of my day really wasn’t how much money came in. It wasn’t how many containers were missing from my collection of products.

The highlight of my day was meeting people like Joshua.

Let me tell you about Joshua – because he is one person that I met today that I will not forget for a very long time. Joshua is a precious, adorable little 5 year old boy with dark hair and medium skin. He reminds me of my 6 year old brother Timothy, by his enthusiasm, confidence, and humor.

Joshua struggles with Asthma and his mom bought him some Breathe Oil to diffuse in his room and rub on his chest and feet when he struggles with breathing. Hopefully he’ll soon be able to get rid of Kippy {his nebulizer/inhaler that’s shaped like a dog}. Joshua showed me his mini marshmallow shooter that he purchased from the table just down from me. He tasted my apple butter and agreed that they should buy some for Daddy. He told me goodbye at least 5 different times… and then said “I’ll be thinking of you! You’ll be in my dreams at night!” He is one cute little guy… like I said, he so reminded me of my own little brother Tiny Tim! 🙂

When I talk with Joshua and his mom, and others who come by and share what they are facing and what they’re having to do to deal with their everyday health issues… and in some cases I relate personally and in others I have to imagine the downward spiral that is taking place with a drug that is controlling the problem but not healing the root issue… it is so exciting to be able to share with them anything and everything that I can, as I learn!


And this is what I love. I love when I can offer a little piece of advice; something that I’m confident will make a difference; something that will hopefully transform lives – like little Joshua’s. I’ve been in Joshua’s place – I suffered through his treatments and hated them and wished that there was something simple that would fix the problem. And happily, I haven’t touched my inhaler in many many years. 🙂

So today was great! Incredible. It was so worth every moment. I am definitely planning to attend the 35th B&B Craft Show next year!!!

And now… a busy week ahead with preparations for another upcoming show!


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