Little Health Nut

You know what makes my day?

It happens quite often actually. My little/big helper comes in the kitchen most days to help me whip something up {which actually takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on what I got myself into that day 😉 … new recipes anyone?}.

And he says, “Sarah, I want to make a gourmet salad”.


Which is quite fine with me. Because I have to make a salad just about every day anyway. And then my big helper Tiny Tim will set to work washing lettuce and peeling carrots.

He likes to fix *himself* a small personal-sized gourmet salad before the meal is ready. From his perspective, it’s just another part of the lunch preparation. And I find it absolutely adorable! 🙂

A bowl + some salad + a few dried cranberries and raisins + some shredded cheese + a little lot of homemade ranch dressing.

And there you have it!


THAT is what made my day today! Is that not the cutest thing?!

There are those who have to be told to eat their salad… there are those who have to be reminded to get their salad… and there are those who have salad on the mind even before they ever sit down to eat the main course. 😉

Someone recently told me {a vendor at a show!} that the way they see it, we’re all going to die anyway. There’s no reason not to eat all the unhealthy “junk” food everyday, and enjoy the few great years we get in this life anyway… why be healthy when it comes to food anyway?

Well, there are many different perspectives on that. There are various definitions of healthy and unhealthy. There are general rules and there are exceptions. There are beliefs and preferences, and daily choices…

But for sure, I love to see a guy enjoy his salad. Junk food or no junk food 😉 !

And… speaking of junk food – I do believe in exceptions. I absolutely love sugar 🙂 and while I find it incredibly fun {and very valuable} to create healthier desserts for my family, there are those special occasions {like the Christmas party this weekend} when we go all out. Which is why I spent the day baking… 🙂


Frozen Peanut Butter Pie – our best selling pie in the family pie shop “way back then”… and one of 2 most popular desserts at our Christmas party every year!

My favorite part is putting all that chocolate on top. 🙂 It’s so rich that by the time I’m finished making the thing I only need 1 bite ;-).


Healthy Peanut Butter Balls – naturally sweetened


LOTS of sugared nuts – a little bag goes a long way… great gifts! 🙂

And now… I’m off to babysit one cousin’s adorable little girls! Have a blessed evening! 🙂


One thought on “Little Health Nut

  1. He’s adorable! And cheers to more little kids that look bewildered when someone tells them they *have* to eat their veggies. When we were little, the only snack my mom let us have before dinner was our vegetables. I’m not sure if that’s why, but we thought veggies were the best. (And now my kids list of favorite foods goes something like “pancakes, tomatoes, cookies…”, lol!)


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