This and That…

I have this thing about writing. It’s therapeutic… relaxing… fun. It’s what I love to do after a long busy day.

Pictures… updates… this and that. I love writing! I love to jot down the “little things” in my journal each day, because half the fun is remembering those things next year, and the year after that. It’s these “little things” that make the best memories, the best lessons, and the experiences that will prepare us for what we might encounter tomorrow. One day I’ll want to look back and remember them… I know I will. 🙂

I read last year’s journal entries pretty much every single day.

It’s little things. They mean a lot.

– The conversations I had with a sweet couple selling for Damsels in Defense, next to my table at the craft show on Saturday.


{That is one incredible guy right there… a big shout out to my brother Jonathan for braving early mornings, long car drives, and hearing me talk about the benefits of this and that {Country Muffin products} for the sixty-fifth time in 3 hours… We make a pretty great team at the different shows!} ❤

– The game night we had with friends {2 brothers} yesterday evening – fudge, fellowship, and a really fun game {let’s just say that we had a pretty competitive group {3 teams}, and the winning team was pleasantly surprised when a series of unexpected events happened 😉 !}

– Ornaments on the Christmas tree, beautiful warm lights glowing in the darkness of early mornings and late evenings… I’m-thinking-of-you gifts arranged neatly under the tree for Christmas morning… a family that loves each other… special guests traveling 19 hours from KS to visit us for an entire 8 days! {excitement is growing!} … a much anticipated visit with friends in WV around the new year…



Fun fact #1: Stelzl family tradition – every year we each are given an ornament. Our parents made it a goal from early on that one day when each of us got married, we’d have an ornament collection for our little Christmas trees 😉 … and sometimes we get to pick our own ornaments out. As a result, the tree is *very* crowded {but beautiful!}, and we have quite the exciting time pulling out ornaments and decorating the tree each year!

Just for the record, I think the tree is shrinking. 😉

– Handmade herbal salves, made up today!


– New products for the shop: herbal infused oils, peppermint lip balm, goat milk lotion, and herbal tea…



– The smell of delicious things being baked in the kitchen… house cleaning and tidying… organized lists… planning… a list full of people bringing food – who will soon be filling our home as guests this weekend…

Our annual Christmas party! 🙂


Fun fact #2: My parents have hosted a Christmas party *every single year* for as long as I can remember. “Way back when”… our tiny band of siblings used to spend the evening tucked away in the upstairs bedroom with our babysitter, a bag full of fun books… and pizza! Now we help decorate the house, serve the food, participate in the fun gift exchange {Chinese auction anyone!?}, and have an incredible time catching up with all the dear ones we hardly ever get to see!

– Things in the mail… boxes of essential oils that I finally opened today!! New business cards! Christmas cards mailed today, to all of my faithful customers!

– A sweet email from a dear friend 🙂 – so many thoughtful people that I’m blessed to call friends! How is it that they always know exactly when to write an email or call to say hi?! <thankful> ❤

These are just a few of the things on my gratitude list today. I’m. so. blessed.

Did I mention that it’s going to be a big week? I have a feeling that baking would be a very good word to describe the larger part of my week ahead. {happiness!}


P.S. Those ‘new products’ that I mentioned above… I’ll be introducing a few of them to the web store soon!!

And… don’t forget! FREE Shipping on orders over $49.99 and 20% off Gift Collections – through December 13th!


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