Humility, Faith, and Folic Acid

I was challenged by Anna’s post today… a timely reminder that never grows old. No one wants to admit out loud “I’m putting my trust in that drug, or this remedy, or such and such method or treatment…” But in reality, this is what we are guilty of doing so often in life. We are looking to something or someone to be “the answer” or “the cure”. And sometimes in the process we forget about the True Healer – God, who blesses us with the knowledge and resources to seek out or come up with, better solutions/answers for healing.

Who or what am I *really* putting my trust in?

“We don’t know it all. Scientists are still searching for the cure to cancer, patients still die from properly prescribed drugs (source/source), and today’s hot new cure-all home remedy might end up having serious side effects.

Sometimes I wonder if God sits in heaven and laughs. I wonder if He laughs when we go about our days absolutely confident that the latest idea we’ve read is going to work, only to see it fizzle or backfire.

I wonder if He patiently proves to us over and over that we don’t know it all so that we learn to put our trust in Him.

Life can be so annoyingly perplexing.  We are going to face many difficult questions on this journey of life. Rather than responding to them with pride or fear, our limitations should inspire humility and faith. (And maybe a few good laughs too.)”

Read the rest of Anna’s post here.

P.S. Look what my precious little brother made for me this afternoon {a snowflake}!  Look closely and see if you can tell what each of those little shapes is 😉 …



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