It’s Here!

Many have asked about a good-for-you, natural lotion! Thanks to a small family-run company in Vermont, I found one that I *love* … and today I’m excited to announce that it’s officially in the store!

Moisturizing Goat Milk Lotion


The problem with most lotions is that they are filled with harsh chemicals that strip the skin of its good natural oils. The body is forced to rely more and more on these chemicals to achieve the same results (soft, smooth, clear) as before. This can be very damaging over time… In many cases, these chemicals cause breakout or rashes and other sensitive skin conditions – even leading to deeper health issues that make their appearance later on.

What if you could use a lotion that is not only safe, but beneficial… not only chemical-free, but filled with pure, natural, and cleansing/healing ingredients?


  • Goat’s Milk contains fatty acids, nutrients, vitamins and minerals that add nourishing elements to the skin, while healing and restoring.
  • Almond & Avocado Oils are rich in good fats, and ideal for a clear complexion
  • Red Raspberry Seed Oil contains essential fatty acids and  is highly beneficial to the skin in *many* ways!
  • Vitamin E Oil is known to prevent and/or reduce scarring, as well as moisturize, and heal the skin
  • Shea Butter enriches the skin, softening, smoothing, and cleansing
  • Natural Preservatives – Organic Skin Care Approved

But that’s not all…

They also make an incredible Peppermint Lip Balm! It’s chemical-free, made with Sweet Almond and Vitamin E oils, and fragranced/flavored with Peppermint Essential Oil!


I have tried *so* many different lip balms {both the better-for-you kinds and the totally unnatural kinds} but I have never liked one as much as I LOVE this one!! It is firm and smooth – it doesn’t melt on my lips like many others do. It doesn’t get dried out on the tip like a lot of natural lip balms do. It’s so-good-for-you – no synthetic chemical stuff! Also, very nice and minty – smells WONDERFUL! I can feel it healing my lips pretty much immediately. But that’s not all…I use it multi-purpose too! On a recent 3-day backpacking trip my Healing Salve froze, so I used this lip balm for numerous small cuts and scratches on my hands that were bleeding (from the cold and dry). Wonderful stuff! The pain and bleeding were gone so quickly and I never felt those scratches again!


  • Healing & soothing – The gentle spice of powerful peppermint is both soothing to sore, chapped lips… and healing to small cuts.
  • Firm – does not “melt” or feel oily {even in warmer temperatures!}
  • Leaves the lips feeling cool and refreshed
  • Absorbs well, with long-lasting results!
  • Helps encourage healing of dry, itchy and irritated skin – rub a little on sore, chapped hands!

So go check out these incredible products in the shop! It’s products like these that I hope to continue to share {from other small family-run companies as well!} as I {and my family} discover them and love them!

P.S. I’ve been selling a number of healthier recipes through my Etsy shop for the past year – gluten-free and naturally sweetened… most of these are now available through my web store!

And… if you’re not already subscribed my special reports {you can subscribe at the top left of the blog}, there are some pretty incredible sales going on this month!



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