No Water ??!!

Good Morning!

Just a quick reminder that yesterday was the first day of a week long sale that’s going on – 15% off everything in the store through 12/21, using code HOLIDAY15!

Now… how about a few pictures from our weekend Christmas Party?

For starters, I need to share something that I was reminded of this weekend – and that is, how very blessed we are! I know I say this often, but it’s easy for each one of us to take for granted some of the hugest, most meaningful things in our lives. Things we might classify as “little” or even throw off without thinking about it at all today… until suddenly one day we realize what life would be like without it.

Specifically, in this post, I’m talking about water.

What about the gift of water – coming out of our sinks and showers and the hose outside… the ability to wash dishes without having to go haul buckets of water from the creek {as was one very memorable visit with some sweet friends who lost their water for a few hours… 😉 }…?

We lost our water one hour before the Christmas party started on Saturday.

It went like this… we had finally finished getting all the last minute details and final touches completed. With an hour to spare we had some time to sit down and relax… play a game… snap a few pictures of our *perfectly tidy*, beautiful house! 🙂 …

And then someone said, “Um… what just happened to our water??…”

Seconds later reality hit all of those present in the room. Wait… we can’t have a party without water!!!

But we would. And we did.

A kind neighbor allowed us to fill big coolers with water from their outdoor hose. We put pitchers of water in the bathrooms and stacked up the dishes along the counter until the party had ended… after which we formed an assembly line with 2 tubs to wash and rinse dishes… it was quite the experience!

Our guys were outside trying to get things working again even an hour after the party had started and everyone had arrived. After dark someone came by to tell us how to fix our well… and Sunday just before noon is when the wires {leading from well to house} were finally fixed – problem solved.

We brushed teeth. We took showers. We washed hands. We filled our cups with water… so easily! Not like when you’re backpacking and you brush your teeth with a little cup of water… or have to go find the nearest water source to re-fill your water bottle so you can have a drink of water.

I’m. so. grateful. for. running. water.

It’s a gift. Not everyone has it. And even of all those who do have it, not everyone has *clean* water!

We could do without it. We can do without it. But it’s a blessing and a gift to have it!

Now… here are those pictures! 🙂


{Bethany ❤ opted to do a fun photo shoot with me so I could get an updated profile picture…}


{Sisters ❤ … just before guests started arriving}


{Family tradition… every year we decorate the whiteboard on the day of the party. Many hands contribute!}


{My mom makes this delicious punch – 100% fruit juices mixed with seltzer water and some raspberry sherbet}


{David and a friend Andrew worked all evening to keep the food heated and served in the other room… thanks guys for all your hard work!}




{The Chinese Auction… gift exchange game. We had quite a few popular gifts that were “fought over”, stolen, and frozen 😉 }

What a *great* and *so-very-memobrable* evening it was! Challenges like this small one that we faced are not only super exciting to look back on {fun memories y’all!} but timely reminders on days like today that we. are. so. very. blessed.

Enjoy this lovely day. Look around you, and be grateful for the big things, and the small things – that you so often and easily take for granted. They matter. They are gifts from God. Treasure them and enjoy them, because you have been so-very-blessed with them today.



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