Are You Wearing Your Smile Today?

“By the way, I’m wearing the smile you gave me.” – Unknown

I wasn’t driving that day. But when he honked his horn and drove by, it was my face that he saw. It was me that he looked at and screamed nasty words at and made gestures at.

Maybe he was late for an appointment? Maybe he was having a rough day. Maybe he was bearing a burden that he didn’t have the strength to carry.

After that first moment of shock I felt a bit of disgust… but then a moment later it was compassion that I felt.


He has a heart. He has a life. He is fighting a battle today. And today he needs to feel loved.

“Grace is having a relationship with someone’s heart – not their behaviors.”

Did someone… anyone… remember to smile at him today? Did his wife kiss him goodbye before he left for work? Did his little ones {if he has any} give him a hug around the neck? I wonder…

No one grows tired of being loved

No one gets bored, hearing the words “I love you” from someone who genuinely means it. No one gets sick or fed up with being special – like Joel, and Sarah.


You know about stress, right? The majority out there will tell you that all health issues lead back to stress. Work troubles, financial pressure, health challenges, relationship strains, family problems…


Physically, scientifically, it all adds up like a puzzle. If you take the time to think about and understand it, you will see that it all makes complete sense.

Stress weakens the immune system so that it can’t accurately and effectively bring healing to the body. It releases excessive cortisol and adrenaline in the body that build up… and gradually result in many of the symptoms we see today.

And where does stress come from?

I’m late for work… I’m stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle… I’m not feeling well… I didn’t sleep well last night… I’m in trouble with my boss… my kids are leaving home… my spouse won’t talk to me… there’s debt on my house… someone has our credit card information… that person just made me feel stupid and inferior… we don’t fit in at our church… I’m anxious about the future – what I want that I don’t have and don’t know how to get…  and the list goes on.

A friend suggested that we’d be a whole lot better off if there was a law that everyone had to smile at everyone they passed. Think about it for a moment. It sounds ridiculous… but… just imagine this with me for a moment.

What if you smiled at every single person you saw today? And what if they smiled back?

How much better would your day go… and mine?


What would it feel like if everyone smiled at you, rather than giving you one of those “you’re weird… where did you come from… what kind of style is that anyway… how many kids DO you have – do you drive a bus… I’m having a bad day – leave me alone…” looks.

And how much better would they feel if you smiled at them – if you cared about them – if you saw them as the special person that they are… and if you made them feel valuable and treasured – and loved?


I think we’d have a lot less stress. I think we’d be less anxious. We’d have happier people that tried to do good as they went about their day. We’d have more people who walked away feeling encouraged, and hoping to shed a little light and love into someone else’s life as a result.

And I think we’d have healthier relationships, healthier situations, healthier homes. Healthier lives.


Think about it.

A smile is pretty powerful. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve smiled at someone, and it opened up a door that I never even saw before me… I can’t tell you the number of times people have commented on my smile – how they saw Jesus, how He shone through, how it put them at ease in an uncomfortable situation, how they knew at that moment that they had someone that they could talk to…

People like it when YOU smile.

It may be your smile that breaks that communication barrier in an awkward setting {who’s going to say the first word anyway??} … it may be that your smile comforts someone who is going through a difficult time… someone prayed that morning for a sign that God does {and still does} love them – and it was your smile that He used … a friend {or even a complete stranger!} is badly in need of someone to listen, someone to care, someone to give them a hug right now – and your smile might make you that person; that friend.

I’m challenging you to use your smile today!

I’ve never met a person who didn’t look twice as beautiful when they smiled… and I’m confident that your smile is pretty amazing too!


“Be somebody who makes EVERYBODY feel like a somebody…”

P.S. I just returned home from a *really good* local business meeting that my brother and I attended in town… {my brother is a member of the town entrepreneurs business association and I have a feeling I may soon be joining him!} The speaker shared some challenging thoughts with us that hit home for me – things that I found myself nodding in agreement with and writing down because they were *such* timely and true reminders. I’m hoping to share some of those with you another time. 🙂


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