Gen 2 Conference

Healing isn’t just medicine. It’s more than living a positive life, eating a balanced diet, practicing a great exercise program, and applying great habits to daily living.

In so many ways, healing begins with relationships. It’s rooted in faith, family, and friendship.

Look around you. There’s a lot of broken people who need healing. We’re losing family unity, respect for parents, discipleship and guidance of young people… And families are feeling the pain of that. It’s taking its toll on our health.

What’s happening to us? What’s happening to the people my age.


“Join some of the nation’s most noted Christian leaders to examine the failures and successes of 40 years of church youth ministry, family ministry, and home education. The Gen 2 Conference will look at how we lose. . . and how we win the next generation.”

I’m *thrilled* about this conference. It was an idea a couple of weeks ago when a sweet family here in our area talked about going. But then it became a conversation tonight when my parents took me out for an early birthday dinner. And now it’s happening thanks to God’s abundant provision and a few really dear people who started making things happen {all in the space of 2 hours}…

So I’m inviting you!

Come hear Ken Ham, Kevin Swanson, Rick Boyer, Norm Wakefield, and other great speakers share what they’ve learned about “The Next Generation and Why We’re Losing It”…

I’m excited about some of the leaders attending as well – people I know of and highly respect/admire. I can’t wait!! This is going to be so incredible!

Check out the website here for more information! And… through December 20th you can sign up for a discounted rate of $50 {instead of the usual early bird rate $55 or the full rate $100}!

P.S. the conference is held at The Creation Museum {an AMAZING place if you’ve never been! Our family had the privilege of attending last year}… and conference attendees can attend the museum for $10 instead of the usual rate! I highly recommend this! 🙂


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