A Week in Review {December 20th, 2014}

Good morning!

For starters, today is my last big event of the year! We’ll be selling *so many* different products, including these new favorites {and others!}… so come by and see us!

View the events page here.

It’s been a big week – filled with so many wonderful blessings for which I. am. thankful! And since I’m busily preparing to head off to the show here, I thought I’d share a few pictures… along with some things I took the time to write down earlier this week.


Game night with some friends! Rhett {who actually runs a lawn care and landscape company} gave me a small Curry plant – an Indian woman he works for gave him a little plant like this one about 3 years ago, and now he has 2 larger plants and this little one from it {which he gave to me}! Curry… as in the Indian cooking spice?! We’ve never really gotten into cooking with curry {except for one school assignment where I had to make “pulse” … and I’ll spare you the details of what we *all* thought} but I think this plant is pretty nice just for looks! And… I’ve heard there are some medicinal benefits to it as well. 🙂


Our town’s entrepreneurial association meeting {my brother is a member and I went along as a visitor… possibly soon-to-be member 😉 !}. The guest speaker from VA was a comedian and magician. He had us laughing {and crying}… but also shared some incredibly valuable business {applicable to all areas of life!} principles with us:

Everyone loves an attitude of gratitude. 90% don’t really care why you’re complaining… and the other 10% are probably somewhat glad that you have the problem! So what’s the use in whining to all the people around you?

People like grateful people. An attitude of gratitude goes so far. {Here he shared a story about a 4 year experience that changed his life, and how his perspective changed so much that simple ‘problems’ that highly irritated him no longer did…}

Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in your products? Not in a proud, cocky way… but in a way that motivates you to wake up excited every day about sharing what you have and know, with others – and helping them.

Does your passion show? Do people see it when they look at you? Everyone likes to see someone who is passionate about what they do – and passionate about them!

Everybody likes a sense of humor… use your ‘spare’ time to learn how to share humor with others that will be encouraging and make others laugh – not sarcasm and rude defensive remarks.

When you’re laughing, life’s a lot better. 🙂

Find ways to stand out. What makes you unique? What sets you apart? Why are you different from ‘everyone else’ who does what you do?

When you judge someone before they ‘happen’ – you lose. In other words… learn to see beneath the surface before you jump to conclusions about the people you see. Get to know the ‘real them’ before you form assumptions. {here he shared a story about a man who lost a *huge* business deal to someone who was wearing ripped jeans and didn’t like they had the money or desire for what he had to sell…}

You can have *so* much, and do nothing with it… or you can have a little and go to great lengths with it… the question is:

What are you willing to go through to make it happen?

{Here he told a story about a young man (20 years old) who traveled on a bus from Savanna GA to Los Vegas just to see his hero, the man that he wanted to be like in business… and how that experience earned him the opportunity to follow that man around in person (as he shared his story with what he thought was a complete stranger – who was actually the ‘hero’s’ son) }.


Signed up for this exciting conference!! Can’t wait to visit with sweet friends in the area, and hear what these speakers/leaders have to share!!

{Today’s the last day to register for $55 instead of $100! Sign up here.}


Made 40 something more oil blends… some Breathe Balm and Healing Salve… and Whipped Peppermint Cocoa Body Butter


My parents took me out for an early birthday dinner {since we’ll have sweet friends here the entire week of Christmas and on through my birthday … then heading off to WV for the New Year!}.

Mmmm… I. love. Italian. food. And there’s really nothing better than Cheesecake factory cheesecake for dessert. 🙂 Specialness!! ❤

I enjoyed a really sweet time with my parents – it’s not often that I get to spend time with them together alone, because life is wonderfully busy and filled to the brim with so many things {for which I am grateful!}.

We talked about this coming year – my goals and desires {and things they hope for me to accomplish}… a few opportunities that had come up that we weren’t sure about yet… and another big decision for this year that would affect a lot of my future going forward.


My cousin Peter got married {Peter is my only boy cousin on my dad’s side of the family} to a really sweet girl {Laura}! This is the 4th cousin on my dad’s side to get married and each time they’ve added in something a little new or different. {In the picture above we were waiting for the wedding to start so neither the bride or groom are present}.


Some type of traditional Jewish dancing {3 men with bottles on their heads}…

They posted a few engagement pictures here.


Visiting a sweet girl in the hospital {remember the lovely mom and 2 daughters who were at this recent craft show with me?} – our dear friend has a condition that only 40 others in the US have been diagnosed with. They do not have a cure, only to keep bringing her back to the hospital for more blood transfusions, tests, etc…


Poor girl! Shortly after we arrived she went to sleep. The moms went downstairs for some coffee and “friend time” {i.e. a shoulder to cry on :-(} and us girls stayed back in the room to write sweet notes on the whiteboard while our little friend slept {we could tell from her face that she was in a lot of pain}. Other friends stopped by to see her, and the pastor of their church. Flowers, a balloon, and quiet voices whispering and praying.


We love you! Come home soon!

Please keep this dear girl in your prayers. Her family wants to be together this Christmas. What a blessing it is that so many of us in this world will take for granted next week… to be together – happy, healthy, and in our warm comfortable homes.

Today is a beautiful day. Enjoy it to the fullest. Make every moment count.



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