HSE Event | December 20th, 2014

On Saturday Jonathan and I spent the afternoon in Charlotte selling products at a church’s Holiday Shopping Extravaganza event.


Looking back over the 5 events I’ve done since September, I’d have to say that this was one of my favorites. It was very small… 8 other vendors besides myself! But the people were all so friendly! It seemed like practically everyone knew each other {probably because most of them go to church there} and they were all so sweet and friendly!


They were sincere and genuine – they asked questions and listened while I shared about the different benefits of various products, and gave recommendations for special health issues and symptoms… and I think almost *everyone* who came by bought something.


I like to keep careful records of which product(s) sell the best at each show, and this time it was Sore Muscle Salve and Pleasant View Soaps. I was happy to see the soaps going so quickly… because… I’m going to be introducing another brand of soaps to the store soon {January}!!! 🙂


Now let me introduce you to one of my favorite vendors… this mom and daughter team! Katasha and her daughter do handmade hair accessories {mainly headbands}. What impressed me most was watching Katasha stand by quietly when customers came their table, and hearing her 7-year old daughter talk and share about the products she helps make… and a result sell her headbands.


I love to see a family team working together in business. I love to see young entrepreneurs developing effective skills for selling and marketing – always with a smile, and a love for people! And that is what impressed me most with Katasha and her daughter. I asked if I could take this picture to share with you!

So if you have a daughter or granddaughter or niece or little friend… this sweet mother daughter team makes beautiful headbands! 🙂

Katasha Williams – Kuties.hairaccesor@yahoo.com


On another note… there are a number of reasons why I *love* keeping up with this blog, and making products to sell, and everything else that I do. But Sunday evening on the way home from a candlelight service, I received a Facebook message on my phone – a note from a sweet lady who used my deep healing oil on her broken toe.


I used this oil on my broken toe. There was a piece chipped off – the doctor was skeptical (and I was seriously doubtful) that it would heal without surgery, but after 6 weeks of frequently applying this oil and wrapping the toe, x-rays have confirmed that it’s completely healed! The oil smells wonderful and the shipping was super fast. Thanks!!

And I smiled. I read her message out loud to my family {7 out of 9 of us were in the van on our way home}. I felt *so very happy* inside. And It’s not because I did anything. But it’s these wonderful things – little plants that God created – wonderful pure ingredients that can be combined together to make natural things that God intended to bring healing to our bodies {which He created for His glory!}… and the realization that He is the true healer, and that He blesses these products and allows them to work and to bring healing in different ways for different ones.


And this is what I love the most. It’s the stories – so many stories that I get to hear every day. People share them. And it makes me want to make more, do more, write more, learn more – and give more – I want to see people finding relief, receiving answers, and being healed.

Fun fact: My post “How I treated my broken toe” {one of my first posts, written last Fall} is read more than any other post on this blog… 🙂

Speaking of broken toes… quite a few broken toes have found healing with these products. And I’m in the process of preparing a new product for the store. Something else that I mentioned as a very effective remedy for healing my broken toe last year ;-).

P.S. We have guests arriving this evening from Kansas… sooooo excited!! Many preparations begin for an exciting Christmas week. What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?


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