The 5 Hour Wellness Plan

It’s a terrible thing when you wake up with a scratchy throat… that realization that a terribly sore throat is only a few hours away.

And it’s a whole lot worse when others in your family have been sick for a full day {or more} and you’re pretty sure that you’re next…

I had the privilege of caring for a little one in the family that was feeling down… some raw garlic, “yucky juice”, vapor rub and essential oils for his chest… and a few other natural remedies and homemade concoctions…

And… a few minutes later I was cleaning up the medicine that he lost on his way up the stairs – thinking to self “I can’t get sick! We’re having guests this week and I need to stay well!!”


<S and S Families – Christmas 2014>

The following morning 2 others weren’t feeling well… and later on that day it seemed that everyone was sick with the exception of 2 or 3 who were still feeling fine {myself included}.

Sometimes you feel like your bedroom is a sick ward? And you’re pretty positive that there’s no way you can sleep through the night and wake up well… yes, that was me. 🙂

Sunday morning {before Christmas} I woke up with a sore throat. Not terribly sore – just slightly sore, to the point that it really felt bothersome. I took all sorts of wonderful things  – raw garlic, apple cider vinegar, lemon water, immune boosting tea – but it seemed that I was already coming down with it and my throat progressed throughout the day.

And that’s when my oldest little brother proposed his 5 hour wellness plan.


Obviously healing from a virus or sickness doesn’t typically happen in 5 hours – start to finish. His idea was that if I followed his protocol, my immune system would be strengthened to be able to effectively fight this off more quickly.

So I agreed. 🙂 What can it hurt?

It sounded rather dangerous.

36 ounces lemon water

36 ounces immune boosting wellness tea

16 ounces water with Emergen-C mixed in

8 ounces water – with 5 cloves of garlic taken an hour apart and cut into very small pieces

60 ounces orange juice {the entire carton!}

I had already taken 36+ ounces of liquid that morning. And he wanted me to drink *all* of this in one afternoon? Help!

I got most of it down in the first 4 hours…  😉

{Can someone please tell me why I feel like I’m drowning?}

And then bedtime came and I wondered if I’d sleep through the night, and if I’d wake up better … or worse.

It’s rather strange because I know I slept. But I also remember feeling restless for parts of the night. And I could feel my throat clearing out – a good sign!

When I woke up in the morning, my sore throat was completely gone! It felt a little swollen still but not at all sore. Since Monday is our usual grocery shopping day and my sister was still sick, I opted to do the shopping alone until my mom could meet me after an appointment. I brought immune boosting tea and lemon water in the car. I also drank some more orange juice later that morning.

Guess what?! My sore throat never came back. I never got congested or had respiratory issues {which usually follow at some point} or even a cough!

I’m well 🙂


That’s the first time I’ve even started to get sick in… well… a very long time. It pays to stay well by drinking apple cider vinegar, lemon water, immune boosting tea – here and there! Especially if others around you are feeling down.

But… there are times {like this instance} where taking careful measures isn’t necessarily enough. Extreme situations call for extreme measures. When little big brother announced his idea/plan to me at the lunch table that Sunday afternoon I was like … WHAT?! Seriously? Okay… why not?

After all, one very good reason to try this immune boosting plan is the fact that drinking good liquids constantly while sick is a GREAT way to cleanse the body and flush out toxins… Plus, prevent dehydration! 😉

And, well, I give David credit for his big idea. Because it sure helped! (And I might add that I’m grateful for God’s healing hand upon me because HE is the TRUE HEALER)!

So… if others around you are sick or coming down with something….and you feel like you might be possibly heading that same direction… you should try my brother’s incredible 5 hour wellness plan. It worked wonders on my immune system! And… at worst it just might help improve your situation a little lot so that you can get started in the right direction.



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