Bruised Periosteum? {Part 1}

It’s a family tradition that on Christmas morning we all gather in the family room downstairs {usually in our pajamas} and share gifts with each other. A big delicious brunch follows, and then the remainder of the day is often spent playing games, reading books, or doing outdoor activities {we often have guests or a family from out of town visiting}.

Sometime late afternoon {on this particular Christmas day} our game of football shifted to basketball. Being rather inexperienced {I’ll spare you the details} I did my best to be involved with my team… honestly I was having fun!!


<S and S sisters Christmas 2014>

At one point in the game a certain guy 😉 jumped up to hit the ball through the net, and came down on me. He landed on my right ankle, but at that moment it felt more like a body slam. I felt the force of him hitting me, but nothing unusually painful {more like a whole lot of pressure, not pain}… and so I assured him that I was *totally fine*, and the game continued on, uneventfully…

Several hours later {dinner over and dishes cleaned up} we gathered in the family room to watch a movie together. As we were setting things up I noticed that something felt out of place in my ankle… like I had stepped on my foot the wrong way.

It progressed quickly. Someone asked me to get something and I noticed that my ankle felt almost painful when pressure was applied – a little more than just “out” …

I thought everything would be fine if I let my ankle rest a little while. We all piled onto couches and benches… I could feel my ankle getting consistently worse throughout the entire movie. Small things like a little brother’s foot rubbing up against mine as he came over to sit on my lap, or the pressure of a blanket being spread across my ankle were unusually painful. After about an hour I was in so much pain that it didn’t matter how perfectly still I kept my foot, or how careful I was to avoid contact with anything and everything. I felt like something was being ripped apart inside of my ankle – constantly.

It was an awkward situation. I thought about letting my mom know that something seemed wrong… but she was across the room. What was I supposed to say… “My ankle hurts really bad… like it’s broken… but I didn’t actually do anything to it…”

And besides… everyone was watching the movie. 🙂


When we were finished everyone got up and started moving around. I tried to stand up but I couldn’t. The pain was excruciating. Worse then my broken toe last year. Worse than my broken arm {an incident that occurred when I was much younger}. My ankle and foot had also started to swell.

I sat back down and started laughing… trying to explain to Rachel {my sweet friend who was sitting next to me} that something was wrong with my ankle and I had no idea what on earth could have happened to it! At this point I wasn’t even thinking about the basketball game. Zero connection…

Someone asked me if they could get me something for the pain. I was laughing and crying at the same time. It hurt *so* badly. Severe sharp pain. Aching, throbbing, like something was being ripped apart inside. I wasn’t going to cry. It wasn’t going to be a big deal. But then the realization that I was totally helpless and unable to move or get up put me over the top. Tears started coming down.

What’s wrong with me? What’s happening to me? Why am I in so much pain…?

Everyone stopped talking and laughing and gathered around me. {Awkwardness!} They were all so sweet and kind. “Can we get you something? What hurts? What happened? How long has it been like this? Can you move it? Does this hurt {feeling and moving my foot in various directions to see where the pain was coming from…} Someone was hugging me and my mom was there {a retired physical therapist} kneeling in front of me and checking all areas of my foot and ankle to see what, where, why, how, etc…

Is it a fracture? Did you sprain it? It’s swelling up…!

And then he {the before mentioned person who landed on my ankle} remembered the basketball incident and suggested that I had probably fractured something or at least obtained the injury from our collision. He had had a similar situation many years before and the pain did not follow until several hours later {as was the case with me now}.

Y’all… I had lost it all the way! I was like “I don’t want to be crying! But it hurts…. sooooooo badly!!!!!” … and sweet friends were there hugging me and saying “It’s okay! We understand. We know that if you’re crying it must *really* hurt…”

I hate the helpless feeling of not being able to get around. Wow… sometimes I need a great big heaping dose of humility in life. Something out-of-the-ordinary to make me stop and think about how very much I need the people I’ve been blessed with – both family and friends… and how very blessed I am to be able to walk and move and get around like I do, so easily.


I love getting this and that, putting different things together for people who are sick or hurting. But being in the situation myself there was *nothing* I could do.

It’s a humbling situation. Sometimes awkward. Usually painful. Definitely unplanned…

“Could you go upstairs and look for some Arnica in one of the boxes in such and such place… it’s fluffy and brown and sort of looks like flowers… and I need peppermint too from that cabinet… and how about some comfrey from the shelf on the door there… can someone help me hop into the laundry room so I can find essential oils that I need? …”

And the list went on.

Someone boiled water and then measured out all the various herbs I had them collect from rooms all over the house. Several helped me hop around getting this and that and then finding a chair in the kitchen where I could soak my foot for a while.

Others set up a  monopoly game … which really helped me get my mind off of the incredible pain… while soaking my foot for a nice long time time in a *huge* bowl of tea. 😉

“Can you get me some water? I need a towel to dry my foot off…” It was like anything and everything. {This is when I start to develop a whole new level of gratitude and appreciation for what people are willing to do for me, when I just can’t do it myself. So many sweet, thoughtful people!} ❤


I should note here that I had put some Deep Healing Oil on while waiting for the tea to boil and soak. The result was that my ankle felt like it was on fire when a nice layer of essential oils on skin met warm water {after about 5 minutes of soaking my ankle}. 😉 And as I was sitting there I thought of how my dad often says {jokingly} if your hand hurts, hit your foot with a hammer and your hand won’t hurt anymore… {or something like that!}. The burning sensation almost felt good compared to the pain underneath the surface. In a way it helped me not think about the pain I was feeling. 🙂

Note: Rubbing undiluted {or barely diluted} essential oils on the skin when in contact with water {or putting a large amount of essential oils into a bath or tea soak} can cause a stinging or burning sensation {depending on how much essential oil you use}. While this is not dangerous or harmful {and the oils may still be very beneficial}, it may cause discomfort. This is different than putting a few drops of lavender essential oil into a bath {for example}, which can be very soothing and relaxing.

I could feel my ankle/foot swelling up. It was so tender that the slightest movement made me want to scream. I had to use both hands to pick my foot up just to get it into the bowl of tea, take it out, dry it off, etc.

At the end of the game my mom gave me a sort of brace to put on my foot and ankle. By now my foot was pretty swollen. There was no purple or discoloration but my ankle was extremely tender and painful. A sibling and friend actually carried me upstairs so I could get to my room! 😉

I wasn’t sure whether or not I was supposed to wear the brace to bed, so I decided I’d try and do without. I hopped {with one foot and the other knee} up into my bunk bed and laid my bad ankle on a pillow for support. Ouch! Even the pressure of the thin blanket on my foot sent another wave of pain shooting through my ankle.

On second thought I think I’ll take the brace… wait, how on earth am I going to get myself back down the ladder. I don’t want to move.

My sweet younger sister got up {I think we were the only 2 still up at this point!} and found the brace {part of it was actually missing so back downstairs she went to find it!} and climbed up to helped me wrap my foot and brace it. More Deep Healing Oil, the ace wrap, and the brace.


Wow! What a difference. With the pressure of the wrap and the support of the brace I was able to get my ankle resting on the pillow comfortably, and even move it from one side to another if I wanted to switch sides.

I slept *so well*.

In the morning my ankle was feeling MUCH better! The constant pain that had been there before {even when I was careful to avoid all movement} was gone! Completely. Now I only felt pain when I applied gentle pressure to my foot, allowing myself to put a little weight on it rather than hopping around completely on one foot.

Several hours later my mom was able to get an appointment with a bone doctor {who deals with a lot of sports injuries}. At this point I was using the crutches to get around, because it was uncomfortable to step on the injured ankle, but there was no pain otherwise, if I was careful not to bump it.

By the time we reached the doctor {uptown, 45 minutes later} I was stepping on it gingerly, while using the crutches.


An x-ray revealed that there was no fracture. Nothing. Everything appeared normal.

I explained to the doctor what I had been doing to treat it {the night before and that morning} and he told me to keep treating myself… also that it might take days, or weeks to stop hurting. But there was no obvious damage to the bone.

Later on in the afternoon our family {and the sweet family visiting us} went to the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte. I was able to walk the entire time on my own. I was careful, and throughout the day everything returned to normal. By the end of that day {24 hours since the injury} everything felt normal.


And… the following day we were back outside playing football and basketball! 😉

All returned to normal. Life went on… our visit with these lovely people continued on with all the excitement {and more} that we had hoped for. I was thrilled that I could participate in the remaining activities for many more days of their visit, following Christmas. And then off we went to visit in friends in WV over the New Year – blessed to be fully recovered…


So what happened?

Read Part 2 Here.


2 thoughts on “Bruised Periosteum? {Part 1}

  1. I am SO glad you have the knowledge and skill to get the help that you need for healing! Sorry that you injured your ankle, but aren’t you happy you knew what to ask your family to get for you?! Much love and Happy New Year! ~Cherlynn


    • Cherlynn, yes! What a blessing this was, and something I know that I take for granted. It is SO helpful not to really have to think through things in a situation like this. I needed to treat it right away because the pain and swelling were so severe. And my family and friends were so sweet to care for me in MANY ways!


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