Introducing… Country Muffin Essential Oils

Many of you have asked about single oils. The blends work great when you’re targeting specific health issues or symptoms. But what if you just want a few drops of peppermint to soothe a stomach ache? Or some frankincense for a child who has trouble focusing and remembering things? Or lemon for allergy symptoms or house cleaning…?


And then there are those of you who have asked me for a recommendation on where to get single oils from. In the past I’ve named a few of the better companies. More recently I’ve narrowed down a couple top favorites. But one thing I’ve learned over this past year is that choosing an essential oil is definitely a *big* deal!

Getting a good, pure, high-quality oil that’s grown, harvested, prepared and packaged the right way is more difficult than it seems. How many companies claim that there’s is the best?! Some even pride themselves in being “the *only* good source”.

But in the end you are forced to choose for yourself – which will you take? Who will you trust? And what results will you gain from it?

This is something I think about *all the time*. I’ve switched companies several times as I’ve learned more about their oils. I’ve talked with customer reps of so. many. different. companies. I’ve researched and compared and read reviews and looked at all perspectives. It really does matter to me.

It’s not just an essential oil. It’s an essential oil !! 🙂

Essential oils… this is loveliness that I plan on studying for the rest of my life. 😉 Good stuff!

And… today I’m thrilled to be able to introduce some of my favorite oils to you!

_MG_8408 3

  • High quality
  • Pure
  • Organic
  • Steam distilled & cold pressed
  • 10 ml with euro dropper tops for easy use … one drop at a time.

More coming to the shop soon! 🙂

Purchase single oils and oil blends here.


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