Bruised Periosteum? {Part 2}

I definitely hadn’t planned on injuring my ankle Christmas day. If someone had told me that my first basketball game {in who-knows-how-long} would result in excruciating pain and the inability to get around or apply the slightest pressure to my foot… naturally I would have been people-watching from the sidelines. 😉

But that’s how life goes. The future is very much uncertain. And yet we trust in the one Who alone holds the future. He has a plan for every single detail of what takes place in our lives – yours and mine.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” – Isaiah 55:8-9 KJV

While I didn’t enjoy the pain or the setbacks and challenges that occurred with my mysterious ankle injury, I’m thrilled to say that I learned new things! I gained experience and education from my mom who explained different medical terms and possible types of injuries to me on our way to and from the doctor {the day after Christmas}. I observed the kindness and sweetness of my family members and friends {visiting from Kansas} during a time when I really couldn’t do very much on my own. I was able to slow down for a moment and look around at all the blessings that I’ve received {and continue to receive} every. single. day.

What did I do to deserve a fully functional body? Why is it that I can stand and walk and run and move about so freely… when some in this world cannot? I am so blessed… and maybe it takes a small injury like this every once in a while to remind me of what I have – and what I need to be thankful for that I so often and easily take for granted.

Since x-rays showed no sign of a fracture or obvious injury of any sort, my mom’s best guess is that I had a bruised periosteum.

Basically, in simple terms, a bruised bone.

So what? Big deal. Really? Thinking to self… that is one powerful bruise! 😉

“A bone bruise is a traumatic injury one sustains from a forceful impact during sports, accidents or a direct hit. It is characterized by severe pain that can last for weeks or months, and the best way to help the healing process is to rest, support, and protect the bone or joint involved and to apply conventional treatments for trauma.”

Basically, as it was explained to my mom {who actually encountered this herself in college}, the surface part of the bone is a layer of tissue that contains a lot of nerves. When this surface layer is fractured {tiny cuts or tears}, it does not appear on an x-ray as a bone fracture… but it causes severe pain, swelling/inflammation, and sometimes a discoloration to the skin {purplish or red} from the bruising. Because this tissue is so thin and the fracture is not very deep, it can heal very quickly… within days.

My mom experienced something like this in her college days when she fell on a brick floor and damaged part of her hip. The pain was crippling… but a couple of days later she was feeling fine!

Wow… I had no idea such an injury existed 😉 … it’s rather fascinating that something could hurt so badly and yet be so tiny … and heal so quickly.

I’m positively guessing {and agreeing with my mom} that this is what happened to my ankle. There is another option, but this one makes the most logical sense, based off of the symptoms and circumstances surrounding my situation.

If this was indeed a bruised periosteum {bone bruise}, I am confident that the treatment I used was an essential key factor in the *very timely*, quick healing that I experienced. There were hardly days involved. Definitely not weeks. It was all of less than 48 hours until I felt completely normal again.

My “treatment” was a wild guess. I grabbed 3 herbs that I wanted for 3 problematic symptoms I was aware of…

1. Comfrey is the “bone-knitter” herb. I chose this because I was worried that there might be a bone fracture {in this case possibly just tiny cut(s) or tear(s)}, and if so comfrey would help speed the healing of the break.

2. Arnica is my favorite for swelling/inflammation. My foot had started to swell and I knew that Arnica would be my best option for preventing any further swelling, and also reducing/eliminating what had already occurred.

3. Peppermint is a natural pain reliever, and anti-inflammatory herb. I was in so. much. pain those first few hours. I chose Peppermint to help relieve the pain, numbing the nerves.

There are others I could have included. Check out this post from the time I broke my toe – I added Horsetail and Red Raspberry to my mix, but eliminated some of the others that I did not have on hand.

The tea is a personal favorite go-to for any type of sprain, break, or deeper injury {beneath the surface}. I love the whole concept of herbs soaking into the affected area. In fact, when my siblings prepared this tea soak I had them leave the herbs in the water. I soaked my ankle in the water with the herbs for somewhere around 45 minutes to 1 hour (?)… while playing a competitive game of monopoly.

My Deep Healing Herbal Blend is now available in the shop!

After soaking my foot for all of 45 minutes – 1 hour, the pain that had been throbbing inside my ankle {despite careful attempts to avoid all movement} was gone. The slightest movement was excruciatingly painful, but if I kept my foot extremely still it was fine – whereas before it has been constantly hurting no matter how still I kept it.

4. The Deep Healing Oil is my go-to tried and true essential oil blend for all injuries of this sort. I like to apply this blend several times daily around the tea soak {next time I wouldn’t necessarily advise applying the oil right before the tea soak 😉 as it’s not the most comfortable situation}. So many people have shared that they’ve effectively used this oil blend for breaks {even breaks that the doctor thought would require surgery to heal… and no surgery was required after treatment}, fractures, muscle pain, and other deeper injuries/issues.

I applied the Deep Healing Oil after my tea soak {right before bed}, and again in the morning and evening of the following day.

5. Sore Muscle Salve is another one that I rub on with the Deep Healing Oil. I’ve actually put together an entire kit for such injuries based off of my broken toe experience. But for some reason I didn’t have any nearby during the hours of treatment in this situation, and so I went without it this time…

Usually, I would apply the Deep Healing Essential Oil Blend {following a tea soak, or just on its own}, and then rub on some Sore Muscle Salve… then bandage the area {if it’s a broken toe bandage it to another toe} and use a brace or support {if applicable}.

6. A brace/support

After the tea soak and essential oil application {that first evening}, I wrapped my foot/ankle in an ace wrap and then applied a brace/support that we had. This I found necessary for sleeping, because the pain was so severe {with the slightest movement} and my foot was so sensitive that I couldn’t even rest it on a pillow with a blanket over top. The pressure and lack of support made it impossible for me to relax and fall asleep.

Having something to “hug” my ankle and hold it in place {without the fear of bumping or twisting it in my sleep} felt so much better. There was no pain if I kept my foot still. I slept well, and woke up feeling SO MUCH BETTER.

Start Treatment Right Away

It’s important to act right away. I did the tea soak about 1 hour after I first started feeling the pain more severely in my ankle. The Deep Healing Oil followed and then because it was late evening I was able to rest it all through the night with the essential oils soaking in.

The following morning {about 12 hours later} I was able to apply *very gentle* pressure to my ankle. After that it was quick recovery. With each passing hour I was applying a little more pressure to my ankle/foot {stepping on it}, using less of the crutches and support from others, and finally walking carefully on my own. I even toured the Billy Graham Library that afternoon {day after my the evening of my injury} without any help or any problems.

Within 24 hours I was feeling normal but still being cautious. The next day I wore a wrap around my foot and played an outdoor game that involved running with siblings and friends. And soon we were back to football and basketball… and all that other good stuff! 🙂

Note: I applied Deep Healing Oil several times daily {the evening of the injury, and the following couple of days} – even after I was beginning to feel normal again.

Get the Products

You can purchase my deep healing products here: Deep Healing OilSore Muscle SalveDeep Healing Herbal Blend {the tea soak} … or the entire Deep Healing Kit!

Read part 1 of my ankle injury story here.


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