It’s Worth $160 Billion to Americans…

Take a look around you. Have you noticed that the stores are *forever* coming out with the latest and greatest products, for beautiful, radiant skin?  

Lotions, scrubs, butters, sugars, serums, moisturizers, cleansers, soaps, oils… the list goes on.

And have you taken a look at the hundreds of ingredients labels lining the grocery store shelves?

What’s the secret? Which ingredients make this product better than the one you used before? Why does one work so much more effectively to brighten, cleanse, clarify, soften, smooth, or lessen the effects of aging?


It’s worth 160 billion dollars to Americans – every. single. year.

$160 billion worth of skin care, hair care, makeup, cosmetic surgery, fragrances, health clubs, and dietary products. 

That says a lot about what we care about, and what we’re willing to spend money on… don’t you think?

The problem is, we have a backwards mindset.

The drugs you purchase at your local pharmacy, or pull off grocery store shelves, are synethic, chemical replications of other natural ingredients or products that work – in a much, stronger form. While this or that herb may help to relieve a specific symptom, why not just take some Advil or Tylenol or Nyquil {for stronger, quicker relief}?

But as is the case with all synthetic products, they often seem to work – but they have lasting effects. Big, small… we may or may not ever identify them at work. Deal with this symptom, and risk gaining another. I’ve seen this happen… sometimes it’s life threatening.


Side affects may include… shortness of breath?

My dad often tells the story of a specific drug he was given by a doctor, after coming out of the hospital with heart issues several years ago {new year’s eve}. One of the side affects on the bottle was shortness of breath… sure enough! In such a case, taking the drug became more dangerous than going without.

Long story short, we worked with a natural doctor to develop a heart healthy diet {forget about the hospital’s heart healthy version… it probably would have killed my dad, given enough time!} and within a few months my dad’s cholesterol levels had come *way* down. Normal feels good! And it feels *so much more wonderful* when you can deal with health crisis issues, without having to bear the burden of another dozen possible side affects…

More than skin deep…

It’s the same way with skin care and hair care products. What you rub on, spray on, scrub on, pour on… fragments of ingredients, parts of substances, chemical juices – these things are going to soak into your body’s largest organ {that’s right, your skin!} and constituents will get into the bloodstream… and ahhhh… you’ve got results!


With those lovely latest, greatest products from the local grocery store you’ll probably get faster, quicker results on the outside. You’ll see it “working” – but given a little time you may begin to notice that your hair is frizzier and more coarse until you load it back up with chemical hair care products. You might begin to experience more breakout beneath the layers of makeup. And even beneath the surface things are happening – chemicals entering the bloodstream are beginning to affect other parts of your body, eventually {over time} resulting in various health problems.

Why else?

Take a look at our society? There are only a few areas where we’ve made drastic changes in the past few centuries … {food and medicine at the top} and now health issues are skyrocketing. Percentages are growing. New sicknesses and diseases are coming up. How much less did we suffer from these things {many of our health issues didn’t even exist or were very rare cases} 100, 200 years ago? And… how much less we depended upon drugs and chemical products in the past!

A protective covering

The first time I watched Paul Gautschi’s “Back to Eden” gardening film, I was amazed by how simplistic and accurate his methods were. And yet, I remember thinking “we have this so backward!”

How many of my friends and neighbors are pouring buckets, bags, and loads of this and that into their garden, mixing it in like a great big batch of cookie dough, and hoping to get beautiful happy plants a season later? How many are spraying their vegetables and fruits with pesticides to keep away the bugs?

We have a fruit and vegetables focus.

Paul pointed out that the key to successful gardening is to provide a natural, healthy covering for the ground {as we see all around us in forests where plants are naturally thriving – untouched by man} – mainly mulch, and/or compost, manure, etc. The mulch works as a tea {when the rain comes}, providing nutrients and minerals for the soil. Paul noticed as time went on that the soil beneath became perfect – the PH was perfect, the bugs were scarce because of how healthy his plants were, there were hardly any weeds and the few that grew were incredibly easy to uproot…


By placing his focus on healing the soil, he was rewarded with huge, sweet, healthy fruits and vegetables – and abundant harvests.

But it takes time. Patience. Waiting. Sacrificing the fruits and vegetables I might have gotten this year, while working to revive the soil beneath.

Beauty from the inside out

Is this not how healing works with the body too? By placing our focus so much deeper than what we see when we look into the mirror each morning, we begin to encourage healing from the inside out. When balance is restored within the body, it creates a healthy environment that can begin to bear fruit {so to speak} on the outside.


It starts with one hundred small choices that you and I will make today. What to eat, what to wear, what to do with our day…

How many hours will you sit in front of your computer today? What type of toothpaste will you brush your teeth with? Is there aluminum in your deodorant? Are you wearing a synthetic body spray? What about soap, shampoo, lip balm, lotion, hair gel, hairspray, laundry detergent, cleaning chemicals… and the list goes on.

Paul Gautschi’s protective ground cover acted as a tea to replenish the nutrients in the soil over time … it sure worked for our red/orange, rocky clay soil. Guess what? We got a happy harvest last year! The results are incredible… and it’s only been 2 years since we first covered our garden with mulch.


The question is, what does your “covering” look like? Because it’s a whole lot more powerful than what you and I see, when we look into the mirror.


Is there a place and a time for prescription drugs and chemical symptom relievers? Yes, I absolutely believe so {speaking from personal experiences where I’d otherwise probably be dead right now…}! 😉

It’s practically impossible to avoid *all* chemical products. I certainly don’t.

The key is not to freak out at the sight of a chemical product sitting on the counter… instead, it’s important to start small by making wise choices. Each and every product that we bring into the home has lasting consequences {whether good or bad}, and every good choice we make is one step toward health, in a better direction.

It’s time to reverse our mindset – to think from the inside out. Maintaining a healthy body within, is the true secret to the lovely outer results we desire. Plastering chemicals all over the outside may fashion our appearance in record timing, while raising a whole new host of health issues within.

Which is more worth our time and money? And what about the results we’ll gain that will follow us for the next year, 10 years… maybe even the rest of our lives?

You can purchase all-natural, pure, and highly beneficial skin care and wellness products through my online. store. Choose the better way!

P.S. Check out these lovely old fashioned goat milk soaps that I just added to the store! Moisturizing, healing, and full of highly beneficial ingredients!


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