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Wow! Has it really been a full week since we said goodbye to January?! After coming home from the Gen2 Conference last week I’ve been on the go – up to my ears in unpacking, filling orders, teaching school… and catching up on things left behind undone. So today {for the first time} I’m making myself look back through 2 days worth of detailed notes from the Gen2 Conference.

Image 8

{With Sarah Brown, the girl I stayed with over the weekend and attended conference with}

There are no perfect words. Quite honestly, I’ve been putting off this post simply because it has taken me 7 days to “digest” some of the key essentials that I heard at the Gen2 Conference. It was one of those packed-full-to-the-brim-and-overflowing encounters, that left me satisfied, nourished, blessed and refreshed… and wanting so much more!

So again, I say… I’m lacking words. And if you know me, I can usually find plenty of them 😉 … I’ve decided to write this up in a couple of posts.

Three Families

First off I want to say that this trip was only possible because of 3 very special families:

1. The A family {Mr. and Mrs. and their sons Bobby and Rhet} graciously provided transportation – I drove with their family 8 hours to KY and back home again. We talked, laughed, told stories, discussed anything and everything of interest… and looked out the window as one state turned into the next state over seemingly-endless miles. They were my “family” during the conference, and I was privileged to be there with them.

Just for the record, being in the back of a 15 passenger van with 2 older guys for 16+ hours = an entirely new level of knowledge concerning a variety of topics {including those that women often tend to be weaker in}. 😉 I so enjoyed this experience because it’s amazing how much we can learn from the opposite gender, given more than 10 or 15 minutes wherein we say “hello, how are you?” along with a few other details from each other’s past week… 😉  Doctrinal issues, family standards, tools, weapons, entrepreneurialism, the work world and business, science, vehicles, education, health, etc. were a few of the things discussed. How guys and girls view things and then proceed to communicate them verbally can be very different {and at times even complicated}, but given a little time it’s an incredibly insightful and educational experience!

2. My sweet friend Sarah Brown made it possible for me to stay with her family at their home during the conference.


{As a fun side note, I first met Sarah Brown on my way to Chicago. She and some friends were heading home to WV {from Chicago}, and I was traveling from WV to Chicago. We met somewhere near Indianapolis in a Subway/gas station off the highway in literally “the middle of nowhere”. And that’s the first time I remember meeting Sarah Brown in person {although I’m told she was at a conference I attended the year before}. We all bought something to drink and sat in the subway for 1 hour.}

Rather than staying in a hotel room by myself, I enjoyed late night conversations with the Brown family, a special home cooked meal {on my first evening there}, and sweet fellowship with Sarah as I drove us to and from the conference each day {a 50 minutes trip, including some snow and ice on the first day!}. I had never met the Brown family prior to this conference, so it was a treat to visit with them!

Sarah is a special friend, a sweet girl! I love her serving heart, the way she strives to ensure that all is at its best for the ones around her –  even down to the tiniest details, like putting candy and a sweet handwritten note in the guest room where I stayed.

3. I’m told that life stayed busy back at home ;-). And I’m grateful for my family, because without them I wouldn’t have been able to get away for 4 days to attend the Gen2 conference. My parents helped me work out details, and all the younger ones jumped in to prepare meals, clean house, teach math, and other usual responsibilities that I should have been home to help with. ❤

Re-connectinG + New Friends

Image 2

{Sarah, Sarah & Sarah!}

I was privileged also to meet the family behind this ministry. I talked with Sarah a couple of times throughout the conference, and enjoyed a chat with her sweet mom on the last evening {she is also into herbs and essential oils}. Others were there that I knew – several families from a Raising Entrepreneurs Conference our family did in OH in 2012, and a young man who attended the first CAPTURE photography workshop ever done – which our family hosted here in NC. This lovely family and this sweet little family were there – we sat with them both days during the conference, and enjoyed hearing them sing several times. Check out their CDs and other products here.


One of the questions brought up during one of the speaker panel sessions was regarding conferences, like this one. Is it necessary to attend conferences, or should we expect to move more toward online materials and resources?

I think the majority on the panel agreed that there will always be something about attending a conference in person – the ability to meet new people, connect with those who are on the same side of similar struggles, and re-connect with old friends for a sweet time of fellowship and laughter again… it’s something that I {personally} cherish and love – and always will.

The People

I could honestly say that being at the Gen2 conference was worthwhile to me simply because of the ones I met and re-connected with. I was blessed and refreshed in a beautiful way that motivated me to continue to press on in this journey of life. And going back home I had the memories of that time spent together with precious people {people who I can relate to, understand, be understood by, laugh with, cry with, hug, etc.} to encourage me in my daily life here at home – with the ones I love most.

I’ll be posting thoughts from the speakers, topics, and sessions next. 🙂


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