Gen2 | The Sessions

The Father’s Heart | Norm Wakefield

“To say I love you is one thing; but to do I love you is to be with someone {God with us, never leaving, never forsaking}. This is the Father’s heart {The heart of God}.”

“Those who really want to know and understand God, do not simply need to hear Him say ‘I love you’; they need to hear Him say ‘I will be with you, and I will never leave you or forsake you’. This works in our human relationships too.”

Key: Doing vs. simply saying. The evidence lies in the fruit. Our confidence lies in knowing that God is with us and always will be.


Religion Among the Millennials | Kevin Swanson

What is our problem {referring to the moral decay of our nation, and the rapid downfall/loss of our young people}.

1. A breakdown of the “goodness” of God. If God is God, He must be our authority – the center of our reality, truth, and ethics. 

Over time, He has died the death of 1,000 qualities. He does not receive the glory due unto His name – for Who He IS, and Who He always WILL BE.

We must come to the place where He is our source of all knowledge. He says “turn on the lights” and we turn on the lights. And that is all there is to it.

Repentance is key. What we need is a call to repentance.

2. We have turned our children over to the powerful forces of this world

“False ideas are the greatest obstacle to the reception of the gospel.” – J.R

3. Hypocrisy {this point was cut out due to lack of time}.


Gen2 Study: Context & Findings | Brian Ray

One person’s “key” is another person’s “minor” {referring to the many studies and statistics shown and shared <or left out intentionally> by various scientists}

Key: We don’t obey God’s commands because research {or statistics} show that He’s correct. We obey first and then see the results {studies/statistics result}. Obey first, understand later.


Education Panel

  • Discipleship is key. Community is key. RELATIONSHIPS are essential. Focus on relationships in every area of life. Education, raising kids, leading family, planning the schedule, character training, etc. Focus on relationships.
  • A healthy marriage is fundamental to the success of the children, in all areas of life.
  • Parents are failing to pass the vision on to their children. WHAT is being stressed so much more than WHY or HOW. And the vision is being lost. Standards are falling. Compromise is allowed more and more with each generation.
Key: Do we assume that our children will do what we have taught them simply because we set the example, or are we passing along a vision to them?


The Battle For the Heart of a Child | Kevin Swanson

  • Regardless of the religion, type of school or church, etc… it seems that parental involvement makes very little impact or difference on a child that is away from family 80-90% of the day.
  • We have lost most of our great evangelical leaders. We lack great leaders.
  • God is waiting for us to worship and fear Him, and to give Him the glory due unto His name.
The problem with formulas and recipes, is that man for a moment makes himself sovereign. If you do x and y, you’ll get z. Or… follow a, b, c, d, and get the results you want. {Referring to those who follow a set of steps that worked for someone else… in order to have a child turn out right, etc.}.
  • We can plant. We will sow. God is sovereign over all.
  • Authentic faith maintains a right conception of God. Idolatry is creating our own image of God, according to our imaginations.
  • Our individualistic society is a key contributing factor to the breakdown of the family. Thinking like individuals breaks down and destroys the family {vs. thinking, acting, and functioning as a family team}.
  • There is a choice. And yet, there is only once choice. {Referring to Joshua} – you may choose to  this or that. “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”
  • Faith and works are distinct, but not separate. Judgment and sanctification are distinct but not separate. Antinomianism and legalism are two that fight for our commitment. They are tearing down the church.
  • Modesty is humility. We are a world that seeks to be modest on the outside. But then as a result we are proud of our “righteousness” on the inside, judging and condemning the world around us. We are terribly immodest on the inside.



Our kids are leaving the church because:

1. They were never a part of the church in the first place.

2. They do not have a Biblical worldview {we need both foundation and application}.

3. The problem with youth groups is that they group youth {in many cases this leads to an undermining of the parental authority and involvement}.

When young people in the church have only relationships with other young people, they lose out on the fulfillment of helping others and interacting with others of all ages.

4. They lack a servant’s heart

It’s all about me is communicated. Kids become followers rather than standing up as leaders.

5. Missing mission, vision, and passion

We don’t have a specific vision and goals. Those who aim at nothing usually hit. Mission gives vision and passion.

“The duty is ours – the results are God’s.” – John Quincy Adams

Key: Responsibility. Responsibility is fulfilling, purposeful, and satisfying. It stretches and grows us. It is something which brings us up to maturity and adulthood. It is the opposite of coming down to fit in… adapting to “teen coolness”.

Don’t curse the darkness; light a candle.


Fathers – Revival in the Next Generation | Israel Wayne

Malachi 2:13-16, 4:6

What is the curse?

Fatherless homes often result in poverty, lack of education, crime, drug abuse, alcoholism, imprisonment, etc. {Studies show this to be true}.

Never, never write off hopeless situations. Grace is a factor that cannot be measured in statistics.

{Israel shared his personal testimony here, having grown up with divorced parents, and an abusive stepfather}.

3 things that can impact a fatherless child for Christ  – personal transformation, the power of mentoring, a legacy of faithfulness {referring back to his own personal testimony}.


Generation Millennial | Woody Robertson

Are we going to be known for the things that we flee from, or the things that we fight for?


passing the baton – strategies for the second generation | Daniel Craig

The strongest key behind young people keeping their parent’s beliefs and establishing them as their own is the relationship they have with mom and dad.

So we see from statistics that parents are losing the hearts of their children, and children are turning away from their parents… the relationship is missing. But statistics do not tell us HOW to fix the problem.

How do parents Develop this relationship with their children?
  • Motivation – a genuine love for God and others
  • Leadership – holy boldness
  • Communication – two way, not one way!
  • Team spirit

Genuine love motivates a parent not to leave their child. It should challenge them to do what is best for the child {looking ahead long term} even when love feels like the opposite of love.

Leadership involves seeing and perceiving the dangers that could harm our children, and protecting them from that {even when they don’t understand}.

Protect … Prepare… Penetrate…
The number of rules doesn’t determine whether or not there will be a rebellion issue in children. What matters is a loving relationship wherein there is a 2 way communication. Love, not legalism.


Mom’s Panel

In marriage, listening is key to communication. Rather than trying to share your needs with your husband right away, first perceive what he is doing, where he is going, and what he’s feeling. If he’s not “there” yet, he must be thinking about something else… so find out what that is.

{Example: the mom who shared this is a farmer’s wife and when her husband comes in from the field he usually has things on his mind that prevent him from listening to or relating to all the things of her day that she needs to share with him… this can cause frustration on her part and lack of communication results, etc.}

In parenting:

Enjoy everything together. Work hard, play hard!

Joy is essential. A joyful wife and mom will energize the home. Her attitude sets the atmosphere for everyone else’s day.

The word “but” hurts relationships. There is no excuse if mom has done something unkind or unloving. There is no justification for why she may have sinned.

Our hope is not in a formula or method, or organized schedule… our hope is only in Jesus Christ.

As a mom, beware of:


Busyness {this hurts relationships}

Who you allow your children to be influenced by

Pride {I need to be or have the perfect ________ }

The internet {how are you spending your time, and what are your kids being influenced by?}


Young People’s Panel | The 2nd Generation: Why We Aren’t Quitting – Full Steam Ahead

  • Why do your kids think that you do what you do? {Referring to homeschool but applicable to other standards as well}
Homeschool is a context. The fact that it happens at home is incidental. What matters is what it implies and what comes along with it.
  • Homeschool is not a label. It is about home discipleship.
  • It is very important to distinguish/differentiate between sheltering and isolating children.
  • Homeschool allows for mentoring – following along behind dad and developing new skills from watching him work.
  • It’s easy to be nice families doing good things. But sometimes we forget to be bold and aggressive, fighting the real battle that we’re facing out there.
  • Homeschool is revival and reformation. It is applying the ways of God to all areas of life.
  • The church and the family are not separate from one another in the raising of Godly families.
A lot of the WHAT’s can drag us down when we don’t understand the WHY’s.
3 Principles for the family:

1. Prepare your work in the field, then build your house.

2. Teach your children the commands of God.

3. Value working together – relationship building.

Never underestimate the life of ordinary faithfulness.

There is danger in making a “rockstar” image out of our calling. Beware of pride.


Millennials – the opportunity of the millennium | Kevin Swanson


Dying to self. This is the strategy. The answer to the disaster we face. We are free to die – to put our hands in His. Receive the nails and die with Christ. This is the way to truly live in freedom.

If there is no fundamental starting point, man become conceited and left to decide what he believes about God, the universe, etc.

Would you rather have the opportunity to share with 10,000 people for 3 hours… or to share with 3 people for 10,000 hours?

Discipleship is key. Those 3 people standing in your kitchen…

Too often we seek after the “glory” of something so much bigger. We want fame, influence, position, power. We want to be known and loved and appreciated. We overlook the small faithful matters – the discipleship – that matters most.

We must not abandon the One who will never abandon us. He alone is trustworthy.

The worst of times is always the best of times. We must bring down these strongholds. We will fight all the way.

I’ll be posting final thoughts {conference conclusion} next. 🙂


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