Gen2 | Conclusion

To say the least, I was absolutely thrilled to be an attendee at the Gen2 Conference last month.  The speakers were amazing – what a blessing to see these men and women humbly submit to be used of the Lord! I was encouraged, challenged, inspired, motivated, convicted. I came away with new things to apply here at home, a deeper knowledge and understanding of WHY I believe what I believe, WHAT I believe, and HOW God wants me to live these things out in my daily walk and apply them going forward.

I was challenged and sobered by the reality of the overwhelming responsibility that it is – and yet also what a blessing that it is – to be born and raised in this generation. God is sovereign! Despite the difficulties around us and the rapid decline of our nation {in many ways} over the past years, I am humbled at the truth that God is bigger. His love is greater than the strongest hate. His knowledge and wisdom are deeper than man’s greatest abilities. He is all-knowing, all-present- all-powerful. And He rules over all.

Right now?

I’m a sister of 5 precious other guys and girls that I’m privileged to live with every single day. I see them all day long {for the most part anyway ; -) }. We are a family team and we see each other’s sweet sides, and each other’s undeniable flaws 😉 … and that’s just how it goes. Discipleship is key. In this season of life I have the greatest impact and influence on the ones I see in the kitchen at breakfast time, and teach math to late morning, and spread mulch with in the afternoons. They are the ones that matter most. They are the ones I need to not simply “talk the talk” but “walk the walk” in front of.

My parents. They are the ones that have taught me most of what I know. Everyday they lay out “do’s and don’ts” and “here’s why…”

Do I understand not simply WHAT they are trying to make of this family, but HOW and WHY? Because if not, I need to find out! All areas matter. There is a vision at stake here. Am I “getting” that vision? Will my children “get it”?  🙂

Going forward?

I may not be a single young lady forever. I was convicted to re-evalutate yet again where I am heading, what I am seeking after, striving for. What is it that really matters to me in a future potential spouse? What am I willing to compromise and what is it that I must stand for?


Take a look around. What a fallen, broken, messed up world we live in. And oh joy, how much more in this present day can we appreciate the fact that we DO HAVE a perfect, sinless, risen redeemer!?

We need repentance. He has already provided forgiveness. It is yours, and mine, for the taking.

Every move I make, every word I speak, every thought I think… I am an example – His example – to this world of people. There is hope! Praise God! And He has made you and I a part of that glorious work. To God be all the glory!

What Now?

How can we “undo” the mess around us? Or as someone asked me recently, how is there hope for our nation if we are such a slim minority trying to take a stand?

You and I – we are responsible for ourselves, our families, our homes. The things we do in turn affect others, and our generations to come. The vision and legacy we pass along, or fail to pass on matters – and will inevitably bear fruit.

It starts with one man, like Noah, saying “I will” to God’s seemingly-ridiculous instructions. One Abraham saying “I will go” to an unknown place. One Moses saying “I will” to the task of leading thousands of people out of bondage – to a promised land. One man. One woman. God can, and will use those {no matter how small and far apart they are} to glorify His name, and further His ultimate work. He is sovereign. I’m grateful for men like Ken Ham who have risen up and said “I will” in one seemingly small area – and now to look and see how great their impact is on the people around us.

But you and I – we can’t wait for revival. We can’t stand by until others join us. Don’t you see? Revival starts with one, two, maybe three who are willing and committed to repent and let God have his way. It happens right here, right now. Today. This moment.

Check out these pictures by Sarah Bryant and Family!


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