New! Organic Pregnant Mama Tea


So… I finally got around to listing this new product in the shop! Quite a few have commented on how wonderful this stuff is… and my mom has used it on a daily basis during her last several pregnancies. I have memories of opening the refrigerator and getting out the big blue pitcher to pour mama some more pregnancy tea {her favorite way was to prepare a big pitcher of iced tea slightly sweetened, and drink it slowly throughout the day}.

And here I am mixing up that very same blend, for pregnant mamas all over the U.S. Some of those are girls that are like sisters to me… friends from “way back when”. Where has the time gone?!  😉

Pregnant Mama Tea is formulated especially for women – packed full of healing, strengthening, cleansing herbs that support conception and a healthy pregnancy, regulate the female hormones, tone the utterance, boost the immune system, and strengthen the body…


The herbs contained in this blend are highly recommended for the following benefits:

Energizing and strengthening

Soothing stomachaches and pains

Toning the uterus

Increasing milk production

decreasing and soothing morning sickness and nausea

preparing the body for pregnancy, and/or for labor

Preventing pre- or post-term gestation {delivering too early or too late}

Reducing the intensity and length of labor

Decreasing the number of possible birth interventions

Boosting vitamin K – possibly helping to prevent postpartum hemorrhage

Provide essential vitamins and minerals for supporting and maintaining a healthy pregnancy

Supporting the nervous system, immune system, and heart

Cleansing and detoxifying the body

Helping with fertility issues, and supporting conception

Calming and soothing headaches and migraines

This herbs contained in this blend are highly beneficial for regulating hormones in all women  – including those who are not pregnant, facing fertility issues, preparing to be pregnant, pregnant, or have already given birth.

Purchase Organic Pregnant Mama Tea Here.


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