Product Review | Calendula and Aloe Face and Body Cream

Looking for a good, moisturizing skin cream?

Something not only ideal for normal skin, but also for sensitive and irritated skin conditions? Something that will heal and cleanse and rejuvenate your skin?

It has been my full intention to post product reviews on this blog … but time has a way of getting away 😉 and topics have a way of pushing their way in front of others… <ahem!>

Today I thought I’d share one of my favorite products with you. I don’t sell this product.  But I do  use it on a daily basis. 🙂BodyCream1

Garland Goat Soap of Vermont is a small, family-run business located in a beautiful, rural farming community in Vermont. The Moores specialize in handmade goat’s milk soaps, and other pure, natural skin care products, made in small batches from beneficial ingredients – including goat’s milk from their own goats! Their mission is to assist others in healing and maintaining the health of their skin. Goat’s milk has proven very effective in combatting common, frustrating skin conditions such as acne and eczema… it helps cleanse the skin along with other healing ingredients, rather than stripping the skin of its protective barrier and natural oils.

I highly recommend this amazing Calendula & Aloe Face & Body Cream! Moisturizing Apricot, Avocado, Olive and Coconut Oils work together to rid the body of bad oils, while providing key vitamins and minerals essential for the support of healthy, vibrant skin. Calendula flowers, aloe vera, and pure essential oils bring healing and balance to the skin, gently cleansing away bacteria and toxins. The result is a smooth, light moisturizing cream that absorbs nicely into the skin without leaving a greasy, oily feel.

I’ve been using the unscented version of this cream for a little over a month now, and loving it! It is a skin saver – especially during the cold and dry winter months!


{Washing soap molds is an important part of Garland Goat Soap, a small family run company in Vermont. The Moore Family creates beautiful, handmade goat milk soaps, lotions, and skin-care products – using the  milk from their own goats, and a variety of other beneficial, healing ingredients.}

Check out this amazing product and others, through the Moore’s site – on sale for a limited time! 🙂



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