Week In Review


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Working with my little math student {the youngest brother} is how I start my work day. We’ve just begun learning multiplication. 🙂_MG_0334

Lemon Blueberry Bread – part of a meal that we prepared for a friend who just had her 2nd baby. Homemade chicken pot pie soup, parmesan drop biscuits, and salad… also sent along some more Pregnant Mama Tea she purchased.


Added Organic Pregnant Mama Tea to the shop and wrote about it


A few yummy things for a sisterly tea part with cousin Mary {at her house}. A fun afternoon of eating, laughing, drinking coffee… and catching up on life.

Image 1


Iced Oatmeal Cookies for the Grand Opening at Created in the Carolinas {yesterday, friday evening from 5-8 pm}. I was good. I didn’t eat a single one during the event {although I did sample one earlier on with siblings, to make sure they were edible… new recipes make one wonder 😉 !}

Come by the store before 3pm today! The Grand Opening celebration continues. 🙂


Updated The Wellness Collection in the shop. All my favorite products for staying well and getting well. 🙂

_MG_0434One younger brother missed the last step on our stairs, and injured his foot. He asked for a foot soak… so I pulled out some of this blend {excellent for swelling/inflammation, pain, and binding up breaks, fractures and tears} yesterday evening and made him a bowl of tea. Deep Healing Oil followed.

And that’s part of this week’s excitement. I’m thrilled about the coming week ahead… plans and preparations are being made for an exciting trip!! 🙂


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