Wholeheartedly | How Far Will You Go?

How often in life do you cross paths with a stranger that “gets what you get”? Someone who shares simple truths that you’ve grown up listening to all your life. Someone, who perhaps captivates you when they speak… and you find yourself nodding in agreement with them again and again and again?

Back in December I had the privilege of attending an entrepreneurs meeting with my brother {held locally here in town}. The speaker was a guest from VA – a Christian comedian and magician. He sure kept us laughing! But more importantly, he made some very key points – things that I’ve been taught most of my life but needed reminding of …because they never get old.


Today I came across my notes, and thought I’d share them. They are applicable for those who are endeavoring to be entrepreneurial… or striving to be great at whatever it is that they do… and for those who are committed to simply living life one day at a time – and living it wholeheartedly and to the fullest!

  • “Everyone loves an attitude of gratitude. 90% don’t really care why you’re complaining… and the other 10% are probably glad you have the problem. So what’s the use in whining to all the people around you?”
  • People like grateful people. An attitude of gratitude can take you places you never imagined.
  • Do you believe in yourself? Your products? What you do? Not in a proud, cocky way… but in a way that motivates you to wake up excited every day about sharing what you have and know, with others – and helping them.
  • Does your passion spill out? Do people see it when they look at you? Everyone likes to see someone who is passionate about what they do – and passionate about them!
  • Everybody likes a sense of humor… use your ‘spare’ time to learn how to share humor with others that will be encouraging and make laughable moments – not sarcasm and rude defensive remarks.
  • When you’re laughing, life’s a lot better. 🙂
  • Find ways to stand out. What makes you unique? What sets you apart? Why are you different from ‘everyone else’ who does what you do?
  • When you judge someone before they ‘happen’ – you lose. In other words… learn to see beneath the surface before you jump to conclusions about the people you see. Get to know the ‘real them’ before you form assumptions. {here he shared a story about a man who lost a *huge* business deal to someone who was wearing ripped jeans and didn’t look like they had the money or desire for what he had to sell…}
  • You can have *so* much, and do nothing with it… or you can have a little and go to great lengths with it… the question is:
What are you willing to go through to make it happen?


{Here he told a story about a young man (20 years old) who traveled on a bus from Savanna GA to Los Vegas just to see his hero, the man that he wanted to be like in business… and how that experience earned him the opportunity to follow that man around in person and learn from him. }.

Today is a beautiful bright new day. What are you using it to accomplish? What skills will you put to practice and whose lives will you make a difference in? Today I am challenged to be grateful… to love this gift-of-a-day before me… and to smile and love the ones around me.




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