Sunscreen and Ice Cream

I made sunscreen yesterday. First time ever! It was a rather traumatic enlightening experience, resulting in beautiful sunscreen, but… more on that later. 😉

Sunscreen?! I’m sure the majority of you who are reading this blog are freezing … possibly surrounded by feet of snow. And to be quite honest we don’t usually slather on sunscreen at this time of year ourselves. There’s some ice lingering in our NC yards and on the sidewalks, from a recent ice storm we had this past week.

But… sunscreen has been on my “someday” list for quite some time now, AND… I’m going to be warming up a little lot next week. More on that later too! 🙂

So here are the results of my exciting sunscreen project. I experimented with 2 recipes.

Recipe #1

Recipe #1 was self-created, playing with ideas from an overall knowledge of what most natural sunscreens consist of. Plus, taking into account a number of ingredients with high spf {sun protection factor} values.



Ingredients such as carrot seed oil, raspberry seed oil and myrrh oil really don’t have a pleasant smells in my opinion {at least as main fragrances}…


I covered up the smell nicely by using a little cocoa butter in the base, and adding in some Deep Healing Oil blend at the end {which also contains rosemary, lavender, and helichrysum, all of which are really good for sun protection and skin health}. Yay! Loving this!

Finished Product

This one was thicker than I had imagined/intended. But having tested the end product I was {and am!} very satisfied with it.

I was able to get it into the jars with a spoon and funnel. The mixture was thick enough that I could not pour it, but by banging the containers a little on the counter-top it would settle down into the jar. Great texture for spreading onto the skin!

It is like a thick cream, definitely more oily than lotion-like but not greasy on the skin. It absorbs very nicely into the skin without leaving an oily feel. It’s amazing! And it is very light on the skin. 🙂

Recipe #2

Recipe #2 was one that my mom found online, that I followed step-by-step {with the addition of a little coconut fragrance oil she had from our health food store}.



As with recipe #1 the base ingredients did not result in a very lovely smelling product. To be quite honest, the whole thing had a slightly bitter {and overwhelming} carrot fragrance … which one might not particularly enjoy wearing. 😉

This was a slightly larger problem than my first creation, because in my recipes I had only used about half this amount of carrot seed oil {I also included myrrh oil in mine and this recipe did not}, and the cocoa butter was lacking from this recipe.


I added in about 1/2 teaspoon of a coconut fragrance oil {perfume oil} my mom had from our favorite health food store. This helped the smell a great deal. It still has a slight carrot edge, but there is definitely a top note of coconut at first smell. I think we can do this stuff… and like it. 🙂

Finished Product

This one was a lot more runny and thin in consistency. I kept waiting for it to thicken up, but it never did. This recipe did not have even half of the zinc oxide powder that I put in my first recipe {using a higher amount of the right kind of zinc oxide powder can really increase the spf value of a sunscreen} but it did have more of the beneficial oils.

This recipe is also a lot more greasy/oily and does not absorb as nicely into the skin. It smells fine with the added coconut. It is not so liquid-like that it runs out of the containers. We will give it a fair trial and see how it works!


Take note of the two finished products. The one on the left is the recipe my mom found. Notice it is a lot smoother, but also more thin and watery-like in consistency. The one on the right is thicker, a lot more like a traditional sunscreen but maybe just a tad too thick to put in a squeeze bottle (?).

Both are packed full of great, beneficial skin-healing ingredients. Both have a high spf value and contain some of the best all-natural sun-protection ingredients out there!

So… now it’s time to try them both and see what everyone thinks.

As a side note, it’s great being 1 in a family of 9. If I need an opinion or someone to test a product, there are plenty of them. 😉


And… I saved one BIG highlight of my week to share…


February 17th was a special day. My gift to these 2 amazing guys was a special outing to the build-your-own-ice-cream shop. What could be better than choosing your ice-cream … your toppings … AND your bowl! 😉 Not to mention the privilege of some heart to heart conversation, a little catch up on life, and some goofing off in the car on the way there. 😉


Mmm… yes, how these guys come up with such creative combinations is beyond me. Chocolate, marshmallows, gummy-bears, kit-kats… can you tell what we DON’T eat at home?? 😉 No thanks bro… I don’t know if my stomach can handle a bite of that. 🙂

Next up… the giveaway y’all voted for. Stay tuned!


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