Sunshine and Smiles | Florida Family Vacation

I may or may not have mentioned that I was away last week. If you visited the shop there was a note there about my being absent while spending time with family … in fact, we were off in warm, windy Florida soaking up sunshine, attempting not to blow away, and making incredible memories together. ❤


{Sunrise at Singer Island}

It had been the topic of conversation for a while. We were going to squeeze in a trip to Vero Beach to visit some of our relatives that we don’t see too often. The last time we visited them in their FL location was somewhere around 15 years ago. I don’t know about you, but in my 21 year old mind, 15 years is a looonnngg time. 😉


As it happened, we were offered a big exciting opportunity. One of those “free vacation” packages where we were invited to stay at a vacation club resort as long as we were willing to sit in on their 90 minutes sales presentation – where they attempted to sell us something like $10,000 worth of lifetime vacation at their club.


{Singer Island}

So there we were 15 floors up into the sky, looking out over an island, with water to the left and an ocean to the right. We spent 4 days soaking up the sunshine and splashing through the waves {a couple of us ventured out over our heads and actually saw sharks by the dozen. Someone later told us that it’s migrating season. Thanks for the warning!}… 😉


{The manatee viewing center near Bradenton FL}

We had the beach mostly to ourselves in the mornings. And in the afternoons there were a few dozen people {mostly elderly couples enjoying their retirement years?} on the sandy hill behind us while we played in the ocean below.


{Picking lemons at our uncle’s house}

We took a couple days on each end of our Singer Island stay, to visit with grandparents in Vero Beach, and an uncle and aunt near Bradenton. During that latter visit, we drove to the gulf for the sunset {which never really happened as it was very cloudy that day} and saw hundreds of manatee in the waters warmed by a nearby energy factory.


{Singer Island}

We also had the privilege of stopping in Savannah GA on our way down to FL, and Orland on our way back. Savannah is a really fun historic town, just for the record. Years ago we stayed there as a family and toured most of the historical sites. If you ever visit, be sure to visit the Candy Kitchen where they make saltwater taffy and other delectable treats right in front of you. The whole preparation process is fascinating to watch!  We especially look forward to eating southern Pralines when we visit Savannah. Few things compare. 🙂


{The Gulf, just before sunset}

There are posts and pictures in abundance on my family’s blog. Check it out!

P.S. And… as it happens that there will be more FL pictures coming soon. Pictures from yet another new and exciting journey! 🙂


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