Natural Sunscreen… Does it Really Work??

Remember this post? After an exciting week away in warm, sunny Florida, I have results!! 🙂


Sunscreen #1


Is is just me, or did the sunscreen get thicker over the next couple of days after I made it? In the container it was very thick, more like the consistency of a facial mask. And yet when it was applied to the skin it spread out very nicely and absorbed quickly and smoothly into the skin. The calendula tea began to separate a tad from the rest of the mixture, so there were small drops of “water” all throughout the sunscreen mixture. This did not really affect it though. No matter.

The results

I applied this sunscreen once every day {twice on some days}. My neck got a tiny bit pink by the end of the week, but no real sunburn.

Now get this… several in my family used the typical store bought sunscreen {which does have some not-so-good ingredients in it but claims to be more effective}, and those are the ones who got red, and several days started peeling.

What would I change?

Next time I will probably make it a tad thinner. I may consider eliminating the calendula tea  and rather infuse the calendula into the oils – in order to prolong the shelf life and prevent the separation that occurred with small droplets of “water” throughout the sunscreen.

Sunscreen #2


I had worried a little about the thin texture – but several days later when my mom opened the jar to apply it, we found it somewhat thicker. Okay, this could work! As for the fragrance… more in our family disliked it than liked it. My mom loved it, as did my nana who tried some when she came to visit us at the beach one day. I on the other hand did not prefer it. However, after it was applied, the smell wore off and became much more tolerable.

The results

My mom applied this daily to herself, and Tiny Tim {who graciously wore both natural sunscreens!}. If anything, she may have been a little pink at the end of the week. No real sunburn. No peeling.

What would I change?

Next time I would work on the fragrance. It smells of carrots and coconuts. Two that really don’t go together very well. Maybe a little less carrot seed oil and more zinc oxide {of which there was very little in this recipe and more could further improved the spf value}.



Both of these sunscreens turned out amazing – better than I had imagined for my first trial. While both may use a little work in time, I’m thankful for such incredible results!

We spent 7 days in Florida. Most of that was spent sitting in full sun on the beach, walking along the beach, and playing in the water. We also swam in the pool and toured some outdoor places in FL. If ever there was a good time to test some natural sunscreen, this was it!

And… did you know that some of the ingredients in these natural sunscreens are great for tanning? I have to admit that I am one of the few in my family that simply will not tan. It’s hopeless. I will always be pale. But… that doesn’t mean it won’t work great for someone else. 😉


Truly, the ones who used the unnatural sunscreen were the worst off in the end. Some are still pink and peeling.

Y’all… it pays to go natural. 😉

I hope to do a little more work on these recipes… make a few changes… and then share them with y’all!!

P.S. I’m heading back to warm, sunny FL this weekend. And… I may possibly snap a photo or two to share when I return. 😉


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