Oh the Things I Will Miss…

Good morning! It’s a bright new day and I’m heading south. Warmth. Sunshine. Happiness!

Here’s a little review from the week. How often I take for granted the small, everyday moments that are so precious. The audio drama playing in the kitchen while 2 brothers scrub and organize and a 3rd colors at the table… the beauty that surrounds me in the form of smiles, laughter, friendly conversation, brotherly/sisterly teasing, and the like…

Image 3

Cleaning days


Image 1

Castle building

Image 4

My sidekick in the office… this girl is officially the head of our media department. But next week she’ll be handling everything while I’m away. 🙂

Image 2

And…that would be my amazing brother preparing our garden for Spring planting. {Missing the joy of working in the garden along-side him. But then again, blessed for a productive week and wonderful upcoming ministry opportunity!}

Today I’m so very grateful for the many daily blessings that surround. Life’s precious moments, smiling faces, deep conversations,  memorable happenings… gifts that I often don’t fully appreciate until I lack them in some shape or form.

I’m sure going to miss these guys! ❤


One thought on “Oh the Things I Will Miss…

  1. Sarah, It looks so nice and warm! We are still buried in snow with temps well bellow zero at night! I hope spring arrives soon in VT:)
    Nice to see pictures of different things going on.

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