Essential Oils During Pregnancy?

It’s all over the internet. Lengthy lists of “do-not-touch” essential oils. Try googling “pregnancy and __________ {insert a specific essential oil},” and you’ll likely find a handful {if not majority} who not only avoid essential oils like the plague, but refute the idea that this or that one could be safe {even beneficial} during pregnancy.


To do or not to do?

Essential oils during pregnancy… this is a very controversial topic, and one that I’ve put quite a bit of time and research into myself. Having never been pregnant, it’s one of those topics that I have very minimal experience with. While I was present at the birth of my youngest brother 7 years go, we weren’t using essential oils in our home on a regular basis back then. My mom wouldn’t have known to use {or not use} them anyway.

I find myself returning this topic quite often. Again and again the question is raised. Pregnant women wonder if they should set my essential oil blends in the back of the cabinet and wait until their baby emerges from the womb, safe and sound.

The internet really hasn’t helped. Everywhere I look there are long lists… different lists! Everyone has their own opinion and no few opinions seem to match up perfectly. Somewhere, there will always be a doubt in the back of someone’s mind, that perhaps we should just throw out this topic of essential oils during pregnancy altogether.

A Fresh Perspective

Not so with Stephanie Fritz, midwife and author of Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth and Babies. This book recently arrived in my mailbox, and I’ve already more than skimmed the better part of it. Wow… what a wealth of information! Stephanie’s book is packed full of valuable information on the do’s and don’ts of essential oils during pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing.


I am thrilled about the opportunity to learn more on this topic {especially from a licensed midwife who regularly uses essential oils in her practice} and look forward to sharing more in a future post, following a more thorough reading of this book. 🙂


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