DIY Herbal Tea With a French Press

It’s funny, when I mention a French Press, most people think of the container that they use to prepare their coffee. But to me, a French Press has always been something that is used to make tea.

Let me explain.

Several years ago my dad came up with the brilliant idea to get my mom a french press for Christmas. He did all the research on his own, to find the perfect one. And along with it, he purchased several bags of loose leaf tea from some specialty tea companies.

The tea blends were amazing! AMAZING. In fact, one of the blends that he purchased worked so well to boost our immune systems and fight off sickness, that I ended up recreating it. And that’s the story of how we got into using loose leaf tea blends. Before that Christmas {several years ago}, our family really didn’t drink much tea.

Sometimes it takes a French Press to boost people in the right direction. 😉


Last week I ordered 2 more French Presses for our family. After several years we finally wore the poor things out, using them practically on a daily basis {especially during sick season}.

Our French Presses are one of the better things that “happened”. Making tea has never been so easy for a family of 9! And if you’re just 1 or 2 you can still prepare as much or all of a container as you want and pour it out a cup at a time!

It works just like a tea pot – measure your tea blend into the glass container; pour boiling water in; set the lid on top with the filter part up; Allow to sit for about 15 minutes; Push the filter part down to trap the tea blend at the bottom.

Look, you have a perfect pot of tea! Pour into a cup and enjoy. ❤


It pays {literally} to dump the tiny boxes of loose tea bags and go for bulk tea blends. I think you will find that you get a lot more for your money. 🙂

Check out these amazing tea blends – some of our family’s favorites!

Organic Tropical Hibiscus Tea – a big favorite for Summer. Makes delicious, refreshing iced tea!

Immune Boosting Wellness Tea – boost the immune system; prevent and fight off colds and sickness

Healthy Woman/Pregnant Mama Tea – regulate the hormones, bring balance to the body, strengthen and energize

Get Our Family’s Favorite French Press HERE.


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