Jaw Surgery Update #1

David is out of surgery and all went as planned – praise God, we are so grateful for His mercy and goodness! The surgery took about 4 hours, starting around 8:30 am. My parents were able to see him sometime early afternoon.

Image 1

{Before the surgery}

My mom wrote this update, which was sent to us by email shortly after they were able to see him again…

“We are with David now and he looks great! I was expecting a lot more swelling after what the doctor said. He is very groggy and having trouble with nausea. They have given him several different nausea medications. I pulled out Sarah’s Breathe Oil (has peppermint and other minty essential oils in it), and he immediately felt better. So now he has it slathered on his feet, neck etc. The nurse is not sure they will allow me to use an essential oil diffuser in the room, but she is trying to get permission. She said we can at least put out cotton balls with oil on them and set them around the room.

He can’t really talk, but indicated his pain is a 4 out of 10… so that is an answer to prayer (of course that is with heavy duty pain meds at this time.) His throat is very painful when he swallows from being intubated.

Thanks for all your prayers… please keep praying… especially about the nausea and that he will be able to come off the heavy duty pain meds without any difficulty. Also that we can keep him moist… he can’t lick his lips because his teeth are rubber banded together.

He wanted me to send you all this picture of him and thank you for praying for him.”


{After the surgery}

Bethany {my younger sister} and I just finished making deliveries to several places in town where David sells his fresh baked goods. He will not be able to keep up with the bakery for a couple of weeks … and that’s where siblings  come in :-)! It seems that everyone is praying for David. What a blessing to hear different ones asking about him. He has made an impact on so many lives – even through his bakery business!




4 thoughts on “Jaw Surgery Update #1

    • Thank you Vanessa! Prayer is the work! We are so privileged to stand back and watch Him {Father} bless, protect, and provide. What a blessing to see so many brothers and sisters in Christ coming along-side us in prayer. We are greatly encouraged!!


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