Jaw Surgery Update #2

From an email that my mom sent out this morning…

“We are going through the discharge process now. Isn’t is funny how often the worst part of these procedures isn’t the surgery pain, but things like ripping tape of your hairy arm… or bitter nose drops that make your throat feel awful… or the sore throat after intubation? He just had the IV removed and boy was that tape stuck on his arm!!!

Image 3

Well, he is doing great. His throat is sooooo much better today… like a sore throat with a cold, vs raw and injured. He is hungry and had some liquid meal replacement last night and more this morning. He is much more alert, and not so dizzy when he stands up. He has walked the halls a couple times this morning, without nosebleeds (he had a bad one last evening when he got up to use the restroom for the first time.) The nausea is mostly gone, except for a few waves when they do things in his mouth… which is immediately helped by Sarah’s minty oils (deep healing oil, headache oil, breathe oil, etc.) He is still on the pain meds and nausea meds… mostly for precaution as his teeth are banded shut and if he were to lose his stomach contents, he would choke unless we cut the rubber bands quickly.
We will be taking him back to the hotel in the next little bit, so please pray that all the “take home” meds work just fine… and especially for no nausea! Also, we need clarification on some things (Dr. Fonseca ordered things a certain way, but the discharging doctor said differently. The nurse is trying to sort things out for us). Pray that our time in the hotel is easy and without complications.
You have all been such a blessing to us, holding us up in prayer and we love and appreciate you all so much. We will update again later today or tomorrow.”
Image 2
I sure miss my brother. It’s at times like this that I think about all that we do together, and how very special he is to our family. Even the small everyday things like watering the seedlings in the garden, and transporting all the baby plants back and forth from sunshine to the warmth of the garage during cold evenings… alone, without my gardening buddy. Or making deliveries to all the places in town that we used to go to together, when I worked with him in the bakery. It feels so strange. But I’m grateful that he is coming home safely in just a few days, and that he will {Lord willing} be fully recovered in the next several weeks. I can’t wait until he comes home! ❤



3 thoughts on “Jaw Surgery Update #2

  1. Oh man, I found out about this just now! That surgery sounds rough, but it looks like he’s hanging in there. If you can, tell David he’s got my thoughts and prayers. It’s been a little while since we’ve been in touch, but he might remember me. Looking forward to hearing of his full recovery. The Lord is merciful.

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