Jaw Surgery Update #3

Another update on David! My mom sent this out by email this morning…

“God is so good… and merciful! Last evening David was having a substantial amount of swelling and his nose was swelling shut. It was quite difficult for him to breathe, as his teeth are tightly closed together. (Try biting closed and pinching your nose and breathing through your teeth… it is very labor intensive… unless you have some large gaps in your teeth. When I try it, I feel like I can’t get enough air.) We put a compress soaked with Sarah’s bone and muscle healing tea on his face under the ice pack and he went to bed. Today he is much better. We were told after leaving the hospital to expect severe swelling and nasal congestion… and that it would increase until the 3rd day and then begin to subside. The anti-imflammatory properties of the comfrey and plantain herbs must have done him a lot of good, because he looks very much better this morning, rather than more swollen as they said to expect. So right now… he is wearing another compress… and will likely have several more today! This makes me think of Psalm 104:14 “He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man…” To God be the Glory! We also just watched a video on lymphatic massage (a very light, gentle type of massage of the surface tissues that pumps the fluid out of the face and sinus area). He will try that when the ice pack comes off. 

He is really better all the way around. His color is less gray and more pink. His energy and ability to get around is greatly improved. He was able to get a shower this morning and was very refreshed. There have not been any more nosebleeds or any other bleeding issues. He is getting used to talking with his teeth shut, and I am starting to understand this “new language” :-).Today he has no pain. His face and lips are numb, as they said they would be. I switched him to ibuprofin yesterday, because when given a therapeutic dose, it has some anti inflammatory properties. There has been no nausea since yesterday before checking out of the hospital, so he has not needed any of that medication at all. He is just on the antibiotic and ibuprofin… and I am giving him lots of probiotics in his smoothies, and vitamin c.
We see the doctor at 4:00 pm today so he can take a peek and make sure we are good to return home tomorrow. Please keep praying: No infections, swelling / ease of breathing, energy and appetite (pretty good, but it take a lot of energy to suck all the liquid food through the rubber bands), and recovery in general. Please also pray for the kids at home, especially in keeping Timothy pleasantly occupied.
Thank you all so very much for carrying us through this time in prayer. We are soaring on the wings of the prayers of the saints! May God richly bless you all!”



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