Jaw Surgery Update #4

My brother is coming home tomorrow! I spoke with my mom by phone today and she shared great reports about his healing. She also noted that the herbal tea compress and essential oil blends have been key in greatly reducing/preventing the “usual” levels of swelling/inflammation that we were told to expect. He doesn’t look very much worse than when he had his wisdom teeth removed {and today was supposed to be the worst day for swelling}. Praise God! He is gracious! I love how He has provided us with simple things {even the leaves, flowers, stems, and roots of plants growing in our garden!} that can bring powerful healing to our bodies. Oh how fascinating it is to look around at His beautiful, marvelous creation and stand in awe.

“We just got back from checking in with Dr. Fonseca. Before he came in the room, I asked his nurse, Becky, ‘How is his swelling… is it average, better, or worse than you would have expected?’ She said, ‘Oh, way better than average!’ Then when Dr. Fonseca came in the room, he said, ‘Wow! You look great!’ They took a panarex x-ray and everything is lined up so beautifully. When David is able to eat again, he will finally be able to bite off a piece of pizza or bacon without it sliding out from between is front teeth! 

He said David was doing a great job of keeping things clean and the wounds look very healthy. He told David that today would be the worst day (as far as discomfort and pressure from swelling) and that after today things will get steadily better. I also attached a picture of David with Dr. Fonseca with part of his team. Dr Fonseca is the man with the beard on the right. He has been such a blessing to us!

Image 20

We are cleared to come home tomorrow. Thanks again for holding us up in prayer! We are so blessed! Please continue to pray that the healing process will go smoothly and David’s discomfort will quickly fade and he could begin to enjoy his ‘new mouth’ :-).”




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